Morrisons Begin Building

Proposed view of Morrisons Small

Morrisons tell me that they plan for their contractors to begin to board up the site this week in preparation for the clearing of the site to begin next week.  Morrisons plan to begin recruitment next summer with a view to open Christmas 2014.  Do ask if you have any further questions.

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  1. Re. Kelvin’s post enquiring about the councillors who abstained on the final vote for Morrisons application, you included Cllr. Mills, Walton Residents Party, but I am sure he voted against. The vote was a show of hands, and it was difficult to determine who voted for, against or abstained. I took it upon myself to ask the Chairman, Barry Cheyne if he could enlighten me. as many people who were unable to attend the meeting would want to know the outcome. His reply, 26th July, is as follows:-

    “As far as the vote was concerned, a show of hands is the normal and accepted way of taking a vote. If any member of the council had wished to have a recorded vote then they should have requested it from the floor and such a vote would have taken place and members names together with the way in which they voted recorded. In this instance there is no record of who voted or which way and I have no intention of relying on memory or rumour. No doubt members of the public who were present will have some recollection”.

    In my opinion , this attitude and response illustrates the way the whole application and the resulting decision was conducted. For a further interesting view on the proceedings, refer to the Weybridge Society’s Newsletter ( 18th July 2013 -Morrisons Triumph in Weybridge.

    • There was not a recorded vote so I can only rely on my memory which might be not be completely correct.

      Those who voted to not-permit the planning application – six
      Cllr Davis, Weybridge, Liberal Democrat Party
      Cllr Dearlove, Weybridge, Conservative Party
      Cllr I T Donaldson, Molesey, Residents Party
      Cllr Green, Hersham, Residents Party
      Cllr Kapadia, Ditton, Liberal Democrat Party
      Cllr Randolph, Ditton, Residents Party

      Those who voted to permit the planning application – ten
      Cllr Cross, Walton, Conservative Party
      Cllr Hopkins, Molesey, Residents Party
      Cllr Mitchell, Cobham, Conservative Party
      Cllr O’Reilly, Hersham, Conservative Party
      Cllr Samuels, Weybridge, Conservative Party
      and five others

      Those abstaining – six
      Cllr Bruce, Ditton, Residents Party
      Cllr Harman, Weybridge, Residents Party
      Cllr Mills, Walton, Residents Party
      Cllr Turner, Ditton, Hinchley Wood Residents Party
      and two others

      These either voted to permit or abstained
      Cllr Cheyne (Chair), Weybridge, Conservative Party
      Cllr Egan, Weybridge, Conservative Party
      Cllr Elmer, Walton , Conservative Party
      Cllr Fuller, Oxshott, Conservative Party
      Cllr Hawkins (Vice Chair), Conservative Party
      Cllr John Sheldon, Conservative Party
      Cllr Mary Sheldon, Conservative Party

      Cllr Popham, Molesey, Residents Party

      I cannot be absolutely sure. Please contact me if you know otherwise.

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