Côte Brasserie comes to Weybridge

Cote Brasserie-01The restaurant chain has applied for planning permission to combine two shops: Sevenoaks Sound and Vision and the Nail Company beauty salon into one to provide a larger retail unit.  One of the problems for Weybridge has been the lack of larger retail units, so that combining neighbouring units might be a way forward – as Boots, Laura Ashley and the Slug and Lettice have done in the past.

If Côte Brasserie opens then 41, 43, 45, 47 and 47 Church Street will be a row of restaurants.  We do like eating out in Weybridge but what is the implications for those living close by?

Do have a look at the plans here and if you want to make comments – here is a guide

One thought on “Côte Brasserie comes to Weybridge

  1. As one who lives very near – nothing but good for the area. We want a lively commercially successful town thank you very much.

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