Multi-story Car Parks?

One of our fellow burghers recently told me that Weybridge has insufficient public parking space and more space should be created – not the first person to do so by any means.

And added that there should be a substantial reduction in car parking fees so that people coming to work in Weybridge can afford to use public car parks.   And went on that the daily cost of parking is unaffordable for the average worker.   What about creating a further layer of parking under the Churchfields car park?     I know this would be expensive but very little money has been invested in this town in recent years.

On the other hand I am told that parking charges are to underpriced because many times the car parks are full and that revenue from car parking reduces the council tax (though not business rates).

Elmbridge makes a surplus of just under £2.5 million pounds a year – half a million of which comes from Weybridge.

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