Walking safely in the High Street

Have you ever walked along Church Street and wondered why pedestrians should give way to traffic coming out of 10 Church Street next to the Golden Place?

Church Street 10







Well of course you shouldn’t but the way the footway is laid out makes you think you had better stop for traffic.  This is poor design and Weybridge is full of them. Church Street 44







Number 44 Church is another example where people – notice the blind persons’ pavement treatment – are expected to stop for next to no traffic.   Church Street 35






The Rectory entrance on the other side is much better.  It it tells drivers that they should give way to pedestrians.

High Street 68







The entrance to Ship Yard, above is priority goes the wrong way.

In London this problem has been recognized.  A study was undertaken at many locations to see whether pedestrians or drivers should be given priority.   It was decided on a cautious approach on the basis that if three times as many pedestrians crossed a minor street than vehicles entered into it then the junction would be modified to give pedestrians priority.

Junction Before







Before, above – after, below.

Junction After







Fears that drivers would present a danger were unfounded.

If any change is made to Weybridge town centre these modifications would be a useful improvement to our town.  We could always go the whole hog.

Other town locations shown below

Monument Green East






Walking to Morrisons across Springfield Lane

Monument Green West







Another junction that could be a crossover.

Monument Green North






The entrance to the Ship Hotel should be converted into a crossover at the next opportunity.

High Street 47






The entrance to an office car park is another case of very low volume car traffic again high volume pedestrian traffic.

Church Street Hospital







Although more cars use the hospital entrance I think people crossing would come out top.

Church Street Minorca






Minorca Road could be an opportunity too but we would have to look at the figures.  The examples below would need to be checked for traffic figures but are in contention.

Church Street 2






Churchfields Road

High Street Elmgrove






Elmgrove Road

High Street Baker






Baker Street.  Some are saying that this end of Baker Street should be pedestrianized in any case.

7 thoughts on “Walking safely in the High Street

  1. I totally support the principle that pedestrians should have the priority. We need to encourage everyone to walk more and the above suggestions would make such a difference to us all. Weybridge has lots of lovely useful footpaths across and around the town and if the town centre could gave a higher priority to pedestrians we would all benefit, so the money spent would be a sensible investment.

  2. The pedestrian access within the Health Centre grounds should also be looked at. Cars seem to have priority and teh pedestrian route, particularly on the left side is uneven and tortuous. The desire lines show that the pedestrian access is inadequate.

    Also the lighting illuminates the car parking spaces, not the pedestrian footways. The whole area would benefit from a rational rethink.

  3. I think the cost for pedestrianizing these junctions is far too prohibitive… A better way would be markings in the road showing a zebra type crossing. A sign stating give way to pedestrians, might also help. As we all know our Council, like any other, has priorities and limited funds. I hope the above observations will help…

    • These suggestions are in the context of the proposed rebuilding of the High Street surface. The Local Enterprise Partnership has plenty of money for schemes that meet its criteria.

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