Bins Overfull Desborough webIf you have gone for a walk in Weybridge you can’t go far before you find a bit of mess around a bin.   Indeed, you can find litter strewn around even if there is no bin. The new Churchfield Meadow has litter hidden in the long grass as does Desborourgh Island (shown here) and Weybridge Point for example.  I have contacted the cleansing department on a number of occasions and the stock reply is that the Conservative borough administration has decided on a limit to the number of bins.  That limit is now reached.  The same applies to dog bins.  The only way that extra bins may be placed in Weybridge is if bins in other places are removed. As no other bin is deemed underutilized there is no prospect under this administration to increase the number of bins.

Rubbish Crushing Bins WebBins in certain parts of the town are collected daily but some bins are used seasonally – either across the year or across the week.  One resident told me of a bin they saw around Wimbledon.  This bin compacts the rubbish so they have a very large capacity and they can also notify staff when they are becoming full. They only need to be emptied when full so require far less maintenance then ordinary bins.  This could be a cost-effective remedy.

If you know of any bins that are often overflowing or if you know of a bin which seems never to be used then please get in contact.

I have also been asking about the food waste bins which appear not to be fox proof.  I have asked for the number of bins in the borough, where they are located and how much they cost to install and maintain.

I know that people should take their litter home but unless we can stop people dropping litter we have to provide facilities for them – otherwise our environment will be scarred.

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  1. Instead of endless meetings, followed by no action……. How difficult can it be to get a few bigger, stronger bins with lids…..
    Forget the intelligent bins, get something in place now!!

    • Hi Jane
      I have just called the waste helpline at Elmbridge and find that this is the responsibility of the Leisure department. So, I have called the person responsible to ask how they plan and manage the emptying of bins on ‘green’ sites. These are managed differently from the bins on streets. I have been advised by a former councillor that the area you are talking about was taken over from Elmbridge by the Environment Agency around 2010. I’ll update when I have more information. Meantime, I’d be interested to know what you found out from them when you reported the bin. Vicki

      • Update on the bin in question – having very promptly been called back by the Elmbridge officer responsible for the bins on leisure sites (not on street). I was thanked for reporting the issue, he will make a visit to the site this week and will speak with the contractors about more frequent emptying (currently 3 times a week). He will check whether the bin is the right kind and size for the usage at that site. Let’s see what happens!

        • I was unable to access the council on a bank holiday weekend by telephone. Unsurprisingly . I suspect you probably have more clout than me, which is why I alerted you to this mess…. I wonder why the workmen collecting the rubbish at the riverside were unable to see that the current bins are inadequate, the are turning into a dump, and bring it to the attention of a manager, but perhaps that is expecting too much……….
          I look forward to your update
          I sent a reply earlier(I think) but it seems to have vanished, ? So apologies if you get 2

      • Thank you Vicky. As I found this problem over a bank holiday weekend, I was not able to report the issue. I have had a long running bin saga of my own, in that, it has taken many many telephone calls, letters, and finally a site visit to get myself and my neighbours bins emptied. So you will understand me expecting you to raise the issue with the council. You are more likely to get a swift response…. hopefully.
        I do look forward to hearing your progress report

  2. Down there at the weekend, place an utter disgrace, litter everywhere, blowing into the river… When is someone actually going to DO something…?

  3. Bins by Cowly Sale, the Weybridge Canoe Club and car park area outside Weybridge Ladies Rowing Club are all used regularly and all emptied nightly by wildlife. It should not be up to local businesses and sports clubs to pay for bins that people walking along the towpath fill, (with mostly picnic rubbish). I’m not sure we need intelligent bins here, (yes possibly helpful on Desborough Island), but in these more popular locations, just a bin with a heavy metal cover would do the trick. At present the bins have NO covers on them, so not in any way a deterrent to wildlife. The people who walk along the towpath in the mornings, like dog walkers and sports club members, are constantly having to collect and re-depositing the rubbish in the bins. Or worse, it blows into the Thames.

  4. Most litter I see is on the towpath.Why can’t Thames- side clubs,businesses,pubs,etc sponsor a Wimbledon type bin close to their property,which is fox proof and marked with the name of the donor?

  5. Foxes opening food bins – Glad to see the issue is being followed up! The best type of lock I can suggest, is one where there is a ribbed ‘tail’ (ratchet)attached to the top of the actual bin. On the bin lid, there is a round knob under which, there is a ratchet hole. To close the lid, one ensures the ribbed tail enters the ratchet hole. Then one turns the knob clockwise to lock – and anti-clockwise to open. We all know where the term foxy came from… The above type of lock cannot be opened. Polypropylene is the best material for the lock tail as it will not break, as normal plastics do. As in all cases, cost is the most important thing. I think my suggestion is the most cost effective way to solve this problem, once and for all. Remember the more food foxes can find to eat… The more foxes we have roaming our streets and the more of a nuisance they become to the public and their health/safety. At the moment foxes are being handed food… on a plate!

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