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Double-yellow-lines-on-a-road-and-pavement-curb-2101582Do you have views on parking in Weybridge?  Anything from obstruction on the main roads, lack of spaces at the station, cost of permits, dangerous parking on corners.  I want to hear your views.  Do give me your views in this survey now.

Surrey is about to review parking arrangements in Weybridge and it plans to only do this once every four to five years.  Our chance for any change, if any, comes now – let’s take it.

I am on the Surrey committee that decides on any changes so I want to hear your views and help engender a debate because I know that views differ from person to person and we need a solution that has most people’s support and understanding.

Surrey has created its own survey.  If you complete the last question – relating to specific concerns please copy me in (by copy and pasting your response into an email to andrew @  Surrey’s questions are quite ‘broad brush’ questions their survey needs to be in by 17 January 2016.  

14 thoughts on “Parking in Weybridge

  1. Residents permits will not help the St George’s school traffic – the headmaster already asks all parents not to park on Jessamy road and Beales lane, the type of parents who ignore this are also the ones who park on double yellows, over driveways and will ignore a residents parking scheme.
    The main problems with parking are after 6.30pm when all residents come home – we need more spaces, on the pavement on Thames street, nearer the corners of the roads, and potentially asking whittets aitt to allow over night parking in their parking bays on the island.
    Need double yellows on Thames street between old palace gardens and grotto road.

  2. I am very strongly in favour of residents only parking in Mount Pleasant and in all the surrounding streets , including Dorchester Road and St Albans. These areas are constantly being used by people who work in town to the detriment of these areas. I see mothers struggling with young children and babies who cannot park near to their homes.
    Whilst it would be good to pedestrianise the town centre it is probably not feasible but heavy lorries still constantly drive through in spite of weight limits.
    The parking in roads means that the streets surrounding the town centre are never properly cleaned and the litter and mess make the area look like part of a third world country. In view of the people who drive into Waitrose it gives them a very poor impression of our town.
    The numerous ugly signage around the town is a disgrace. Much could be attached to nearby walls to prevent the proliferation of metal, unpainted, poles.
    The paving o
    In town is now very uneven and again makes the town look shabby.
    I am not sure how the dentist on the corner of Dorchester road obtained planning permission but the patrons of that business are contributing to the parking problems in the area.

  3. Agree about Thames Street, Grotto Road and West Palace Gardens. During the school drop off many of the cars park without thought to those around them, and often ignore the speed limit. Cars park on corners which make it dangerous for me to get out of my own road to get to work in the morning. It’s very annoying and parents sometimes park on private driveways along West Palace Gardens to then walk their children to school. It’s appalling – I wouldn’t park on their driveways and private property so anything that can be done to ease the congestion around this area would be welcomed. Accidents waiting to happen here.

  4. I live in West Palace Gardens and as with previous comments I too am concerned and fed up with on street parking. West Palace Gardens and Old Palace Road are constantly being used for all day parking by people who work in the town and also we are used as a drop off and pick up zone for parents at St. George’s School. Quite often it is difficult to access my own drive. In addition driving from Old Palace Road onto Thames Street, due to parked vehicles it is impossible to see if the road is clear and an accident is waiting to happen. I would like to request resident’s parking only. Further to the parking problem could we see more done regarding potholes in the road and a resurfacing and a elimination of speed bumps. Also in this area we a constantly battling the problem of dog fouling and would like to see this area cleaned up.
    Thank you in anticipation


  5. Portmore Park road and Thames street are more than ever, danger areas for the local driver. Apart from cars parked at the bottom end of Thames street, we now have a new problem with cars parked in Thames street opposite Portmore pillars, so that people driving towards town have to take to the wrong side of the road and come face to face with cars coming out of Portmore Park, this being worse at school leaving times.

  6. I agree whole heartedly with all the comments posted online by other residents.
    The issue in Thames Street, Portmore and Queens Road.

  7. Cars are parked on the pavement each day on the Queens Road, Weybridge between Manby Lodge school to the roundabout This is causing a serious obstruction and hazard to pedestrians. Vans, buses and HGV vehicles coming in the opposite direction are often forced to mount the pavement.
    Pedestrians, especially mothers with push-chairs, struggle to walk down the narrow gap between the parked cars and the fence.

    If the double yellow lines at the end of Queens Road where extended to Manby Lodge this would solve the problem provided there was provision for collection and drop off times at the school .

  8. I live off portmore park rd where there is no off street parking.When I purchased my house over 35yrs ago I was aware of this issue.
    Surely people take this into consideration when buying.
    Double yellow lining, residence only parking is not the whole answer, all this does is push the problem further down, e.g portmore park rd and thames st.
    Since residence parking only has been introduced in 2 roads behind Waitrose the other roads have become an issue.No parking is between 8 and 6.30, after 10a.m half the rd is empty,
    Perhaphs it would be more benifcial to stager parking, eg 8-10 3-6.30 thus keeping it clear for residence on their return from work, school run.
    Why is the money not spent on Church field car park being turned into a 1/2 story car park?
    This whole problem is at the grass roots of planning permition.
    Developers do not have to provide parking spaces if it is within quarter of a mile of a town centre! How many new properties have gone up in Weybrige in the last 5 yrs?
    There are very few people who do not own a car or two.
    Residence parking is not free, the council benifit from this.

    The issue of parking is here to stay, we can try and solve the issues of today but unless developement stops and inferstructure put in place it is only a sticky plaster solution.
    Please fill in the survy on Surreys web site.

    Do not get me wrong, I am struggling with the parking and traffic, but Weybridge is a major route for A3 M25 and we have several large schools within it.
    P.s School Buses?

  9. The biggest problem at the Queens Road end of Weybridge is the lack of street parking, I live in a small Victorian cottage, and rely on York Road or Princes Road to park my car – The logical although perhaps radical solution would be for Surrey to “adopt” some or all of the maze of wide “Private” roads which run behind Queens Road on the Oatlands Drive side . This would considerably ease the parking problems, and allow the Temple Markets end of Queens Road to be yellow lined .

  10. I would like to echo an earlier comment above in respect of St George’s College providing off-road parking for parents at delivery and collection time for children. By the same token, Thames Street urgently needs double yellow lines to be implemented on its left hand side as of Old Palace Road all the way up to where Thames Street enters the A317 since the realtively new vogue for parking of cars on both sides of the road is causing significant chaos at busy times.

  11. I think it is a good idea to make the shop end of Baker Street pedestrianised.
    It would stop Baker Street being used as a rat run.
    We have noticed people put their foot down at the top of the hill to get round the parked cars half way down the hill as they are to impatient to wait for cars coming up the hill. This causes the cars coming up the hill to mount the pavement.

  12. Stop Morrisons staff parking in residential streets, instead of its own car park.
    Bring in residents only parking around the roads off the high street.

  13. Stop Morrisons decision, forcing staff to park in residential streets, instead of the companies car park. Force St Georges College lower school to provide parking for their staff – and parents, which was promised when they purchased the site!

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