Station to Town Centre Cycle path

Heath RoadAs you may know, I have been campaigning for a range of safety measures including safe routes to school, cycleways and lower speeds and as part of this campaign I have been able to persuade Surrey set up a cycle task group for Elmbridge.  This group has agreed to focus on Weybridge’s needs first.  As part of that exercise, a proposal is being considered to build a a separate cycle path from the station via Heathside School to the town centre and eventually to the river.  Much of its route would be parallel to Heath Road.

At this stage we are only looking at a feasibility study but it is a welcome step in the right direction.

With this and other such proposal we could begin to make real improvement in our safety and well being.

3 thoughts on “Station to Town Centre Cycle path

  1. I believe this would be a great idea. Living just off Heath Road myself, the traffic along with many cyclists make it dangerous. Although the speed limit into the town is 30mph, because of the hill, cars travel a lot faster. The road is too narrow for cars, large commercial vehicles and cyclists. Better pavements and a cycle lane would be great.

  2. Well done Andrew in helping to set up this much-needed task group; let’s hope something comes of a Heath Road cycle path plan. Would this include an integral pathway so that the muddy track currently used by dozens of people every day could be avoided?
    For those of who take our lives into our hands every day on a daily cycle commute around the dangerous station roundabout and inout of St George’s Avenue, could Surrey be persuaded to review this multiple intersection?

    • Surrey is currently looking at minor changes to the station gyratory but they are mainly to do with the access from the car park and station. It is my view that the intersection of Brooklands Road, Hanger Hill, Heath Road and St Georges Avenue needs a thorough overhaul which could even involve a new bridge along side the old one to make a roundabout.

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