Weybridge Point Grant

Weybridge PointAccording to the grant application the Thames riverbank at the junction of the Wey and the Thames is one of the iconic riverside locations along the Thames. It is the place where four great walking and cycling trails meet and is a place that should form the gateway to the Thames and its associated open spaces for the people of Weybridge. The site is however poorly designed – a random collection of boundary treatments, intrusive riverside car parking, posts, notices, and a single bench give the impression of disjointed location, one to pass through or turn around; rather than stay and enjoy the fabulous views across the water or move on to discover new attractions. The proposal sets out to:

  • To carry out consultation (funded outside the monies requested in this CiL application) to ascertain the aspirations of all elements of the community and users as to how the neglected open space could be enhanced.
  • To use the consultation results to produce a detailed design for the landscaping of the Weybridge Point car park in order to enhance a poorly designed space at the iconic Weybridge Point, at the confluence of the Rivers Wey and Thames.
  • To design a viewing platform to enjoy and learn about the River Thames and The Wey Navigation that would become a destination in its own right – the Weybridge gateway to the Thames! In association with proposed signage linking the Wey to the Thames at the junction of the Thames Path and Wey Navigation Trail, EU Route E2 and the Thames Path – one of only two places where the long distance footpath crosses the river by ferry.
  • To design a space and provide interpretation that leads the visitor onwards to explore open space further downstream.

As far as I can see, this expenditure is discretionary in that there is no legal requirement to provide these facilities.  This grant is therefore not replacing mandatory funding from elsewhere.

See more information here.  Give your views on our giving £5,000 grant for this proposal here.  Information on the other grants here.

One thought on “Weybridge Point Grant

  1. The refuse bins provision n this location is of woefully inadequate capacity for the number of visitors passing through both on water and on foot or bicycle. Could consideration be given, please to augment this capacity? Clearly, collections should also be more frequent during the visitor season.

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