Cycle Storage Grant

According to the applicant there are currently 164 cycle storage spaces at Heathside School, currently at least 190 students cycle to school representing 15% of students. Based on this when the school expands a minimum of 214 cycle storage spaces will be required – an extra 60 places.

As far as I can see, this expenditure is discretionary in that there is no legal requirement to provide these facilities.  However, on gaining planning permission for the expansion of the school conditions were laid down that required a school travel plan to be agreed prior to the additional student intake starting at Heathside School.  It is likely that the school plan will require extra facilities for cyclists and therefore this proposal could be considered a legal requirement.  On such a basis this grant could be considered to be replacing mandatory funding from elsewhere.

See more information here.  Give your views on our giving £33,500 grant for this proposal here.  Information on the other grants here.

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