Gateways Signs Grant

Lamppost bannersAccording to the applicants the Weybridge Town Centre Signage project will help to improve the look and feel of the town centre, improve footfall and further embed the success of the business group working with the borough to create a positive outlook for the town. The project will erect twelve Welcome to Weybridge lamp column banners and two Welcome to Weybridge gateway signs that will help define the town centre and support the environmental improvements to encourage residents to shop locally and support Weybridge town centre shops.  The picture here is indicative there is no visual of the proposed lamppost designs or gateway signs in the application.

As far as I can see, this expenditure is discretionary in that there is no legal requirement to provide these facilities.  This grant is therefore not replacing mandatory funding from elsewhere.

For more information click here.  Give your view on our giving a £3,900 grant for this proposal here. Other projects seeking grants here.

One thought on “Gateways Signs Grant

  1. I object to this proposal.
    Weybridge Town centre, in my view, does not include, for example, Oatlands Village or the Queens Road local centre, which are different and distinct.
    A Planning Inspector accepted in the first Dial Stone planning appeal that the Queens Road Local Centre was a village in its own right and not an extension of Weybridge.
    Objectors ( of whom I am one) to Cleanslate’s application to redevelop the ex Honda site at 30 Queens Road have continued to argue this case.
    Not only would this proposal blur the important distinctions between these communities, it would undermine the distinction drawn between town centre and local centres in the Core strategies and leave the path open for disproportionately large developments in these village like environments on the periphery of Weybridge.
    These local villages/shopping parades should be aided in boosting their own identities which are important to the people who live in or near them.

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