High Street Focal Point

Old Post Office PavementAs a founder member of the Weybridge Town Business Group, my retail business has been based in Weybridge for over twenty years, I am pleased that a further project is progressing.  There is much to do to improve our town centre and while the more ambitious projects, as indicated in a Vision for Weybridge and elsewhere, are being planned it is well to develop smaller projects to keep up momentum.  This is where a town council would help as in Claygate.

This mini project is to refurbish the paved outlyer outside the old post office by replacing the telephone boxes, cycle racks, air pollution monitoring box and loos with removable planters and seats etc.   It is planned that small events could occur at this spot throughout the year.

2 thoughts on “High Street Focal Point

  1. Without knowing how much the toilet is used, it is impossible to make a decision as to whether or not have it removed.
    How often in a month or a year, are the telephone kiosks used? BT will have this information.
    Perhaps more important – relay the paving along this stretch, as it is full of puddles when it rains.

  2. How much is the toilet used? If it is used at night by people buying from the mobile kebab van, then leave it -if it is not there, people will then urinate in doorways or in planters!

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