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Bins Overfull Desborough webAfter seeing the photo in the most recent Focus people emailed us mentioning that the rubbish was mainly spread by wildlife.  I have been pressing Elmbridge to consider following other boroughs by providing intelligent wildlife proof bins which tell HQ when they are full.  More details about these bins here.

8 thoughts on “Thames-side Bins

  1. When is something, actually going to be done?…, I was kayaking from this area over the bank holiday weekend, and it is/was an utter disgrace..rubbish everywhere, i have never seen it so bad
    Instead of worrying about an intelligent bin, which will probably take years and many committee meetings, can the council just not install some bigger, robust bins…..
    Hopefully this will not be beyond the capability of our local politicians…..

  2. How often are the bins on our walkways emptied? I often see them full, so that
    people have to leave their ‘contributions’ alongside, on the path.
    The bins Mr Davis describes would be very costly and when they signal that they are full – who is there to hear and empty them?

    • They automatically signal to the collectors to empty them digitally. Have a look at the link to the proposed bins.

  3. I regular litter-pick along the Wey Navigation and have had zero response from the NT so far about placing either bins or signs to help discourage the anti-social few who persistently discard their rubbish.

    They fall in to the following buckets IMHO, a) dog walkers who chuck dog bags (why bring them in the first place and not just kick it into undergrowth), b) fishermen (tins, bags, rods, line, cans), c) teenage drinkers (cans, bottles, plastic bags) and d) casual walkers (nappy wipes, tissues, sweet wrappers & coffee cups).

    I will continue to litter pick as this is my favourite walk. Alas I have never spotted any miscreants to challenge. If anyone reading this is one of those folk, don’t be surprised to be taking a refreshing dip in the Wey Navigation if you give me any backchat and refuse to pick up what you dropped!

    Peace, love and harmony. And stop the drop.

  4. Definitely need more bins all along tow path from Weybridge to Walton where l regularly walk dogs…..the bin outside the rowing club is constantly raided by foxes with litter spread all around…..we need proper ‘dog poo’ bins, metal & they need to be emptied regularly (twice a week ?)…….no good expecting people to be tidy if no bins provided !

  5. Yes and larger bins – commercial size as they would have outside a restaurant. Collect at least twice a week – Mondays for certain after a weekend. Also, in Germany, twice a year, councils will collect from outside your house, larger household items, to prevent illegal dumping.

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