Thames to Wey Signage Grant

Finger sign postsAccording to the applicants the landscape at the junction of the Wey Navigation and the River Thames in Weybridge is one of the iconic riverside locations along the Thames. The character of the Wey and the Thames are quite different – on the Thames, sweeping views across the river to the tumbling water of the Shepperton Weir and long views to Desborough Island contrast with the intimacy of the Wey with its canal locks and associated features.

Few locations on the Thames can boast such watery contrasts – this should be celebrated and joined up. It is the place where four great walking and cycling trails meet and is a place that should form the gateway to the Thames and the Wey for the people of Weybridge and visitors to the area. The link between the Wey Navigation and the Thames Path is poorly sign posted however, and a known barrier to use, The random collection of boundary treatments, intrusive riverside car parking, posts and benches giving the impression of a disjointed location, one to pass through or turn around; rather than stay or move on to discover new attractions. The opportunity to improve the legibility between these two iconic sites forms the basis of this application – through signage to show the route between the Thames Path and the Wey Navigation.

Thames Wey pathAs the Wey Navigation towpath and the Thames path are shared cycle/footpaths I would have thought that this proposal would have described how both pedestrians and cyclists are being catered for along this route.

As far as I can see, this expenditure is discretionary in that there is no legal requirement to provide these facilities.  This grant is therefore not replacing mandatory funding from elsewhere.

See more information here.  Give your views on our giving £12,000 grant for this proposal here.  Information on the other grants here.

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