Churchfields Play Area

Churchfields Park Playground-wey-soc333Today I was at the civic centre to take a look at the final scheme for the play area.

All being well, the contract will be signed with the equipment providers this week and the the play area will be open before the summer holidays begin.

A big thank you to all of you who joined my campaign at the beginning and for the schools and parents who gave their support as the campaign progressed.  Focused action gets results.

I would have liked to have posted pictures but we are still in the confidential stage and also in purduh – I will get them to you as soon as they are made available.

2 thoughts on “Churchfields Play Area

  1. This is such an important amenity for local families. A trip to the playground is the highlight of my daughters day.

    Im very keen to see the plans as I’m sure are many others. Why would they be confidential? Surely one would want to share the plans publicly and solicit feedback?



    • Yes part of the reason I went to the meeting with the Elmbridge Councillor responsible for leisure and the staff concerned was to select pictures to show you. But that would have indicated the company chosen to provide the design and refurbishment and the the final legal decision has not yet been taken. As soon has the Ts & Cs have been signed I’ll try and get pictures to you. I notice that because we were able to get so many people to send in their ideas, we have quite an imaginative design.

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