Heath Path

Heath Road

Another step on the way to safe travel for pedestrians and cyclists between the town and the station along Heath Road.

Surrey has never pushed for a path here because it was always considered too difficult to get permission from the owners for a path on the common.  Despite the general reluctance to make the move, I pressed for approaches to be made to the owners of the land. Officers from Surrey have now approached the owners who have given their approval in principle.

There are many more steps ahead. However, gaining this permission in principle is probably the most important.  We are now moving ahead on seeking sources of funding.  There are currently more financial pots available than there were previously. Two examples are the Community Infrastructure Levy- CIL – and the M3 Growth Fund.

4 thoughts on “Heath Path

  1. Hi Andrew

    Brilliant work well done. This footpath is a vital entrance to the town from the Brooklands College and Railway arrival points.

    Great for all of us.


  2. A new path along Heath Road is good news and well overdue.
    If the path goes ahead, it might be a good opportunity to
    • Provide for joint access to Heathside School and Brooklands College should they get their heads together – a roundabout at the Elgin Road junction might be sensible.
    • Change the status of the parking area opposite St Charles Borromeo church – from station overflow free parking area to a drop-off for Heathside School (this would make drop off safer and more convenient) and parking for the heath and small green.

    • Originally the common lands were just that – land in the village managed by the village that had common rights over it. On the formation of Weybridge Urban District the ownership and guardianship passed to it and again guardianship was transferred to Walton and Weybridge on their merger in 1933 and to Elmbridge on its formation in 1974.

      Elmbridge has a duty to maintain the common’s rights and one of those aspects is encroachment by neighbors – including the highway authority.

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