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Heath RoadSurrey has agreed to spend £160,000 over two years to improve safety and amenity around and approaching Weybridge Station from the town.  In some respects it has been overtaken by the new cycling plan for Weybridge (the initial station plan – remarkably – did not consider cycling).

This project is essentially a bare minimum approach to the problem given that Surrey raises insufficient funds to provide a transport network fit for one of Europe’s most dynamic locations.

The project is subject to consultation – and it needs to be because there is quite a lot wrong with it.  The main parts are:

  • Improving the unmade path on the southern side of Heath Road – this has been superseded by the current plan to make this part of the station town centre cycleway.
  • Improving the car parking opposite the Korean Church.  I am not sure that this is a good idea because it is part of the common and therefore should be removed and not upgraded. That would save £20,000.
  • Creating a one-way system for Old Heath Road.
  • Improving pedestrian crossing on Heath Road and Station Approach.
  • Resurfacing the carriageway across Diggers Bridge.

As it passes through the system I will give more details.  I’ll obviously notify you of any consultation.

3 thoughts on “Heath Road Path

  1. Great news that something is being done about this. Where can we see the full plans? From what I can make out if the current unmade road is to become a cycle way then pedestrians travelling from the station to Brooklands Lane (including 100’s of school children) would still have to cross a dangerous road near the station with no pedestrian crossing in order to get to a pavement.

  2. Please can a safer and improved crossing of Brooklands Road outside Noir be included in improvements. This is used by a lot of people going to and from the station, and as cars from Brooklands Road are not currently required to stop at the roundabout they approach this crossing at speed. To exacerbate the problem, when crossing from outside Noir, the view along Brooklands road is very limited due to curve of road and street furniture. this is definitely an accident waiting to happen one winter evening.

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