More trains to London

Southern CrossrailWeybridge could have twice as many trains running up to London with this new inexpensive change to London Waterloo station look at the video.

For my day job I run a national environmental transport charity, based here in Weybridge, which through its campaigning has changed many ways in which we see the world.

Our latest campaign is forĀ a quick and simple alteration to London Waterloo station which will double its capacity and dramatically improve the daily commute for millions. Watch our video and find out more about this exciting campaign.

2 thoughts on “More trains to London

  1. Innovative. I get the doubling of the flow capacity, but ergo, doesn’t this therefore increase the number of passengers from 100m to 200m and double the strain on Waterloo as that is the main terminus?

    • One of the reasons we want the feasibility to be undertaken is to discover the relative flows of passengers. It is entirely possible that all of the extra passengers will want to pass straight though Waterloo without getting off. A proportion of the 15m passengers presently using the Waterloo&City line would decide to travel to London Bridge then walk.

      Also I would envisage that the two new island platforms would be directly linked in more than place with the underground lines by escalator.

      Although this is not mentioned in the video I would imagine that a new station would be built where Thameslink crosses Southern Crossrail – slightly to the east of the the present Southwark station. This could take a significant about of the extra traffic.

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