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Last Thursday, 118 people stood for election to Elmbridge’s council – representing twelve parties (there was also one independent).  A number were councillors already.  Only 48 could be elected.  The previous council was represented in the following way.

2015 EBC CouncillorsFollowing the elections last Thursday the result is as follows:2016 EBC CouncillorsAs the new council has 12 fewer councillors, one would expect a general of loss of seats for all parties.  Indeed whilst the Conservative party lost the most at 11 seats (10 percentage points loss), the Molesey party (1 percentage point loss) and  the Thames Ditton party lost one seat each.  Hinchley Wood (1 percentage point gain) and St George’s Hill party held steady.  The Esher and Hersham parties gained one seat each (2 percentage point gain).  Last there was one independent now there are none.  The Greens, Labour and UKIP did not gain a single seat and were not close to doing so anywhere in the borough. Labour Oddly enough despite holding their seven seats the Liberal Democrats made the biggest proportional gain – 3 percentage points.

As the Conservative party has lost overall control of Elmbridge the full council will have to come to a decision as to who should form the government of Elmbridge.

3 thoughts on “Elmbridge Result

  1. Hi Andrew,
    so pleased to hear that you have been re-elected.
    Real surprise is that Conservatives do not have overall majority on Council.
    As leader of the Lib dems group you have some interesting decisions to make!!!

  2. We live in Walton but follow your input and wish we had such an inspired ward councillor.
    This result is a marvellous opportunity for the Council to take a more democratic and united approach under a new leader.

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