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For Elmbridge Council Result

Last Thursday, ten people stood for election to Elmbridge’s council for Weybridge Riverside ward – representing three parties (there was also one independent).  I was the only incumbent.  Only three could be elected.  The ward did not exist before – replaced Weybridge North and a large part of Weybridge South.  The previous councillors for these two wards were was represented in the following way.

2015 WR Cllrs

The result this year were:

WR Figuresand as a bar chart are:

WR Bar

The result was very close.  Effectively, compared to last time the Conservative lost a councillor and were very close to losing another.  It is often tempting to say that if the independent candidate had not stood the Conservatives would have lost all three councillors but none of us have a window into a voter’s soul.

Our electoral system does not work when there are more than two parties.  If the Labour party nationally adopted preference voting – even just for local elections in England (the other parts of Britain already have it) we would probably have a few Labour councillors in Elmbridge and we would be better for it.  However, under the current winner takes all system voting Labour around here is a gift to the Conservatives – I that each voter could vote for people they want and not second guess what everyone else might do.







3 thoughts on “Weybridge Riverside Result

  1. Thank you Brian for your words of encouragement.

    Now that the dust is settling after the process of working out what to do with a ‘hung’ council, the Focus team will be regrouping to put out a new Newlsetter, explaining the result and what will be happening in Council.

  2. Well done Councillor Davis. You and your Focus team are the only local politicians who bother to keep us informed and you deserve your success. Pity your 2 other Lib Dem colleagues missed out – maybe next time. The Conservatives are too complacent by half. The only contact we had from them was a canvasser a couple of days prior to the election trotting out the old cliche “We hope we can rely on your vote”. “No, you can’t” I replied. “Oh dear” she said, “We’ve been hearing that a lot!”

    A “hung Parliament” is a good result.

  3. Congratulations Andrew, commiserations to Vicki Macleod, who so nearly made it and to Adriana Dredge who had a good score too.

    My wife, a French national, voted as I did for the three of you (that could be a record!) and for the LibDem P&CC candidate too.

    I am convinced that your lucid and most informative Focus newsletters have much to do with your success. They are a testament to your concern for every aspect of life in Weybridge throughout the year and not just at electioneering time.

    Thank you for all you have done and all the best for your work in the forthcoming Council term.

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