Who gets our taxes?

We pay £45.50 everyday in taxes, on average, here in Elmbridge – that’s for every man, woman and child living in the borough.

We pay Elmbridge 34p a day, Surrey £2.48 a day, Britain £42.15 a day and Europe 55p a day.
Tax Pie Chart-01

Because, on average, we in Elmbridge are richer than the average person in Surrey we contribute more than other residents of Surrey – we are net contributors.

Again, because we are richer, on average, than most people living in Britain will pay more per person to Westminster than the rest of Britain – we are net contributors.  It is as if the average family in Elmbridge writes a cheque to an average family in Fermanagh for around £1,500 a year.

Finally, because, on average, we in Elmbridge are richer than than most people in Europe we pay more per person to Brussels than the rest of Europe – we are contributors.  It is as if the average family in Elmbridge writes a cheque to an average family in Estonia of £23 a year.

Via government transfers, families in Elmbridge have been paying families in Fermanagh £1,500 a year for decades and no-one raises an eyebrow.  Has anyone said “we want our money back” to the people of Northern Ireland?  We give, say, £23 a year to families in Estonia and Brexiters go ballistic.  The Estonians sang their way to independence from the Soviet Union and they are on the front line with Russia.  The Estonians are a hard work people and the speed with which Estonia is growing, with our help, out of their Soviet Union legacy is remarkable.  They’ll soon be supporting us.

The 55p a day that each of us in Elmbridge pays, on average, to Europe is a remarkably small insurance premium for our security and well-being.

3 thoughts on “Who gets our taxes?

  1. That’s why I am voting out! I am fed up with paying out to other countries and we get nothing back. One of my children needed extra help at School, no money in the budget but a child from another country gets one to one help! They or their families have not paid into the system, they come over and are handed benefits!

    • People often site schools and hospitals for a reason for being anti-migrant. But think about it. Do our shops not have food in them? Can we not buy furniture, clothing or electrical goods? Somehow migrants do not affect the availability of all these things but they do affect school places and availability of healthcare. The simply reason is that private enterprise delivers food, clothing and furniture and the British state provides schools and hospitals. The national government does not spend as much on schools and hospitals as it should. Our nearby European neighbours spend much more than we do on health and education. It is not migrants that cause the problem it is the national government.

      Furthermore it is estimated that all the people of Britain paid their tax that they should the national government would gain around £150bn – that is more than we currently spend on the various NHSs in Britain.

      Among many other things, we get access to the worlds largest single market – bigger than China or America (depending on methodology used). The benefits far out way the 55p day. Yet you are happy to pay much more to other counties in Britain?

  2. Thank you Andrew, this puts the whole thing in perspective. But why doesn’t the Stronger in Britain employ some visuals like these to make the point at a nationwide level?

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