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Double-yellow-lines-on-a-road-and-pavement-curb-2101582Surrey is progressing with its review of parking in Weybridge.  The basic premise of Surrey’s review is that parking restrictions are throttling the town by restricting parking for shoppers.  This assumption is not based on any evidence.  The only evidence that I have seen is that retail sales in Weybridge town centre have increased remarkably over the last ten years despite the onset of internet shopping.  Although we could always work for a better place to shop – witness the success of the town market outside Waitrose last weekend organised by the Weybridge Town Business Group of which I am a founder member. The jury is definitely out on Surrey’s assumptions.

Consequently many of the requests that were made by locals have been ignored because extending restrictions of any kind would only be introduced in extremis.

Soon Surrey will consult on its on its proposals.  Whatever the outcome of the consultation the proposal may not be extended – only contracted.  For example, if you wanted a yellow line on a corner in your neighbourhood and Surrey did not include that yellow line in its proposals then even if all the residents clamored for that line to be included nothing could be done until the next review.  On the other hand, if a yellow line was included in Surrey’s proposals and everyone said no during the consultation then that line could be excluded.

That is why I pushed for the maximum levels of restrictions that you asked for on the basis that if, during the formal consultation, you decided that you wanted to reduce the restrictions that could be done. But they cannot be extended.

There is one step before the final decision is made – a meeting of Surrey’s Elmbridge Local Committee at 4:00 on Monday, 27 June 2016

Queens Road
I pushed for no parking at any time along the Cricket Green and although the idea met with opposition – “Were will they park?” was the cry – I was able to present the flow of traffic and the safety of cyclists and pedestrians as more important that a few parked cars.  The proposals now contain restrictions along Queens Road but not as extensively as I would have liked to put before you.

Heath Road
I was unsuccessful in including parking restrictions for safety reasons along Heath Road. You might not agree with me that the safety of our cyclists is more important than the ability to park a few cars on our main roads.  But at least you would have been able to say you did not want such restrictions in Heath Road and it could be removed from the final implementation.  If the the current proposals go through you will not be able to add to it.

Dorchester Road
This street felt left out of the recent changes when Oakdale Road was include into the Controlled Parking Zone and Surrey would have left it out again in their proposals had I not vehemently insisted that it be included.  My reason again is that if residents around about do not want the restriction following consultation at least Dorchester Road could be excluded from the final implementation but if, as Surrey proposed, Dorchester Road was excluded it could not be added until the next review.  So Dorchester Road is in – you can now remove if you.

St Albans Avenue, Mount Pleasant and The Crescent
These streets were left out although I want them include on the basis I have mentioned above. After consultation one can remove but you cannot add.

Elmgrove Road, Holstein Avenue and Oakdale Road
Surrey wanted to move residents only parking by adding short stay parking in this zone (maximum two hours – no return for two hours.  On this basis I asked for the times to be extended to 20:00 in the evening.  This has been included.

Curzon Road Corners
These are all included.

Thames Street
Various changes are included here but as the people in the street know only too well the devil is in the details.

Portmore Park Road
No changes.

Vaillent Road
No addition for the corners – although I hope to get movement on that one.

Limes Raod
Minor changes.

Your last chance to make any changes to these proposals is at Surrey’s Elmbridge Local Committee at 4:00 on Monday, 27 June 2016.  Click on the link to see the membership.

I hope to get more detailed maps for you shortly.

10 thoughts on “Parking Review

    • Included in the draft but it can be removed – but probably only is Dorchester Road asks for there’s to be removed.

  1. Andrew,
    Thanks as ever for the work you put in on these issues.
    One additional thing that has recently been recognised by the residents of Dorchester Road is the issue of residents from surrounding roads (with permit parking) constantly parking in our road and the other roads without permit parking, presumably because they don’t want to purchase permits.
    This hits Dorchester Road with the ‘double whammy’ of workers and shoppers parking in our road in the day and residents from surrounding roads parking there in the evening. The only way SCC can level this very unfair playing field is to grant Dorchester Road permit parking.

  2. The inclusion of Dorchester (if implemented) will be disastrous for St Albans, crescent and Mount Pleasant as well as other, non inclusive, roads. As happened when Elmgrove and Oakdale were made CPZ’s, the traffic is merely forced out to those not protected. Shoppers coming and going are not the problem in this area, it is all day parking by office and shop staff. Why is this so difficult to understand?

    If Surrey’s position regarding “throttling the town” is their genuine belief, then surely introducing CPZ’s to the non included roads with shopper parking 2hr limits would do more to “unthrottle” the town than the action they currently propose.

    My view remains, the piecemeal introduction of CPZ’s and Surrey’s determination to continue sticking their heads in the sand with regard to the needs for office and shop staff parking, will never solve the parking issues.

    • I informed Surrey that if St Albans Avenue and Mount Pleasant were the only streets, inside Portmore Park Road, that were not included in the formal proposals then the residents of those streets could not be part of the CPZ but if they were included they could, should they wish to, be excluded.

      I agree with your second point too.

      I could not possibly comment on your third point.

    • That was not raised. But I know that it is important to improve the situation on Hillcrest. I could do a survey but it would have to be done before 27 June. Could you help?

  3. Unless the community adds more off street parking in Weybridge the situation will not improve. This proposal looks like shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic!

    I would have thought the recent loss of our bookshop and the age it has taken to find tenants for the large fabric shop on the High Street was ample evidence shops in Weybridge are not so healthy as you seem to assume.

  4. What about Monument Green?

    It’s a Dangerous nightmare parking. Also the grass cutting you were going to look into.
    One side of the Green cut and looked after the other a mess.

    • The proposal for Monument Green was to shorten – from the Dorchester Road end – the parking on the west side.

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