monopoly_housesThe new Elmbridge administration is to energetically pursue the rebalancing of housing in the borough.  Elmbridge’s population is growing rapidly by national standards and the number of household is increasing even faster.

The cost of housing in Elmbridge compared to the average salary is the highest in the South-East of England (after Camden, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster).  It is nigh impossible for young people who have lived in Elmbridge all their lives to buy a new home here and even renting is out of reach for many. In order to do so most have to leave the borough.   Imagine if it were expected that English people had to move to Belgium, Wales, Scotland or France to start a family.

The administration is studying various mechanisms that will allow our housing stock to be increased without the national government taking away Elmbridge’s investments in housing in the future (as it has done in the past).

Elmbridge requires more of each size of house except in the category of houses of five bedrooms or more.

What would you like Elmbridge to do regards to housing?


One thought on “Housing

  1. I’m not sure affordable housing even exists now, especially in Weybridge. I totally agree more houses are needed but any new house built is only ever going to be sold at market rate, which in Weybridge is now too expensive. Plus I don’t think you could build enough to actually make a difference in Weybridge.

    I can’t see any solution to this issue other than a housing crash. I hope I’m wrong and some clever chap or lady can solve this crisis.

    As a father in a young family we are stuck in s very small house without the chance of trading up. I would estimate at present just to go from a small two bed to three would cost at least another 100k, which on top of an already high mortgage is not an option.

    We need a housing policy that creates new housing on the scale of the 1930’s. Yes green belt should be used and the government should increase its social housing back to levels pre Thatcher. It’s this or a crash, anything else is just playing around the edges.

    On a more selfish note, if the council could offer families land to build their own house this would be a cheaper way to move up or on to the property ladder. The only issue is how to distribute this and not have it abused for profit. Pie in the sky I fear.

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