Night Street Lights

Heritage LampsSurrey has 89,000 street lights.  Currently the vast majority of them are dimmed by up to half from 22:00 to 05:30 each night.

Surrey is considering going further in the autumn by turning off some street lights from midnight to 5:00.  The driver of this plan is, of course, to save money – the reduction of CO2 is a welcome bonus but not the reason (there are plenty of actions that Surrey could undertake to reduce carbon emissions but they are not taken).  There is also the bonus of less light pollution.

Surrey wants to hear your views the matter by 2 September.   As usual Surrey, along with with the British government recently, asks for a view without a clear picture of the alternative.  It would have been useful for Surrey to have shown, on its interactive Surrey map, the streets left in darkness and those that will remain lit .

Some answers to your questions.

Tell Surrey your general views on highways by the end of August.

2 thoughts on “Night Street Lights

  1. Crime in the borough of Hackney reduced dramatically when the council introduced a program to ensure that every street light was always working and broken lights were repaired as a matter of urgency. I have a young daughter who regularly has to return home from work after midnight. While cost savings and the environment are very commendable aspirations I would be most unhappy for the streets to become even darker and perhaps less safe.

  2. I am in favour of cutting carbon emissions and light pollution. Could there not also be bye-laws to stop individual home owners from having bright security lights on all night that shine directly into neighbour’s windows?

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