Pot Holes

Pot Holes Baker StreetThe care taken to fill pot-holes has been taken to a new level by Surrey.  Now flat-bed maintenance vehicles just stop above a hole and drop tarmac into it.  A sort of fly-by hole filling.  Not really true but it certainly looks like it.

The road surfaces are slowly improving in Surrey but from a very low base.  There are four basic reasons why Surrey is in this fix:

  1. It has reduced its real terms revenue year on year for decades – never saving for a rainy day. So it has insufficient funds to meet its obligations.
  2. Surrey’s budget management is appalling – although I am told it is finally beginning to understand how bad it is and might one day begin address the problem.  Fortunately Elmbridge is better managed.
  3. The management of the highways has been inefficient largely because of the lack of staff and political considerations.  To counter this Surrey gets little help from the British government compared to other counties.
  4. The British government has rapidly reduced its returning of funds actually raised in Surrey – business rates and revenue support.

We need a radical new way of funding highway maintenance and construction because our quality of life depends on a well designed well funded transport network .

3 thoughts on “Pot Holes

  1. The company that plops tarmac onto pot holes must be very happy to do so, as they are back within a few weeks to plop another drop of tarmac into the pot hole, so on and so forth, must be a very expensive way of doing things, any one heard the saying a stitch in time saves nine.

  2. The state of the roads in Weybridge are appalling, pot holes are filled in if reported enough, but they seem to last very little time. St Georges Avenue by the railway bridge has been filled in so many times and St Richard’s Bridge and the railway bridge in the Queens Road, none of them seem to last. What amazes me they have spent several weeks doing a footpath along one side of Ellesmere Road where hardly anyone walks.

  3. Take a look at St Georges Avenue for a prime example of how bad Surrey’s pothole management is.

    It is a nightmare riding a bike into the road from the station end and the surface at that end is an accident waiting to happen.

    Surrey’s penny pinching ways can best be shown by the fact that they only resurfaced 1/2 of the road, the other half has been left to crumble.

    I have suffered one injury this year due to the poor state of the roads in the county, if I get another then I will be taking action against the Council.

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