13 thoughts on “20mph limit for your street

  1. Grotto Road is already a 20mph but the parents in the morning often ignore this. I have nearly had three crashes driving out of West Palace Gardens in the morning. What we need is enforcement via PSCOs or cameras. I have entered my views in the survey.

    • Grotto Road does not have a 20mph limit, except for a few metres close to Thames Street. Do you wish Grotto Road to have a 20mph limit?

  2. The only way to ensure 20 mile speed limit, is to raise humps sufficiently to stop the idiots who tear down the road, coming up to a T junction!

  3. Safety is not about reducing speed but forcing drivers to drive vehicles in a responsible and sensible manner. Whether you drive at 10mph or 70mph, you’ll still have idiotic drivers, that’s the way of things. With a distinct lack of a Police presence within this area then small wonder most people drive like lunatics! Do something to get the snail drivers off the road and that in turn will eliminate the speeders who will not continually be made late for appointments each time they become stuck by someone crawling along at little more than walking speed.

  4. All the residential streets should be 20mph – with proper signage including on the road surface – regardless of whether they already have any other ‘speed reduction measures’ – don’t waste money on chicanes and humps just change the limit/put up and paint the signs and those that do take any notice of signs (The majority!) will slow down enough to make a difference.

  5. Fully support 20mph speed limits in all Weybridge residential streets. I would also help pay for enforcing them.

    Stephen Beaumont

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