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heathrowAs part of its assessment on the proposed expansion of Heathrow airport, the borough held a ‘Scrutiny in a day’ meeting on Friday 16 September at the Civic Centre on the High Street, Esher.

Chaired by Councillor Christine Elmer, the aim of the meeting was to investigate and probe all the arguments surrounding the proposed expansion of Heathrow.  Recognising that there could be significant benefits for Elmbridge residents but that these need to be considered against environmental, transport infrastructure and safety impacts, the councillors heard from a range of stakeholders including Heathrow Ltd, Local Authorities Aircraft Noise Council (LAANC) who updated on air quality and noise concerns, the Council’s Housing Strategy and Enabling Manager and Economic Development Officer, as well as representations from private sector companies in the Borough.

Residents Action Group Elmbridge (RAGE) discussed their views on the proposed expansion of Heathrow with the Councillors at a meeting on Thursday, 15 September.

The borough is eager for Elmbridge residents to have their say. If you want to share your thoughts on the proposed expansion, then please complete the online survey. The survey is available on the Elmbridge website until midnight on 30 September.

4 thoughts on “Extension of Heathrow – Have your say

  1. I would not like the third runway to go ahead.
    I have always opposed any extension to Heathrow, apart from the pollution and disruption it would cause in the local area I have enough problems with planes leaving Heathrow at night after the scheduled times already and noise during the day interrupting conversation. Have supported HACAN in their efforts, mostly because of environment problems and pollution in our area. The possibility of road works to provide the third runway are horrendously negative. We should do all we can to cut back on more flights and provide alternatives to it being used as a hub.

  2. I am all for the extension of Heathrow. 90% of residents living close to Heathrow had moved there well since the airport came to be and therefore took on the residency in the full and complete knowledge of the fact that it was an airport and airports could be noisy. If you don’t like noise then you do not move next to an airport!

    An extension, apart from benefiting business, also enhances the overall safety of the airport, giving an additional margin should it be needed.

  3. We are against this 3rd runway, it is crazy to keep expanding Heathrow in the middle of a built up area. Gatwick is very accessible, or the Thames Estuary is an obvious choice.

  4. As Weybridge house owner for 46 years. Have know that Heathrow would be extended
    Have worked for companies associated with HR without it l would be a lot purer
    The people objecting should move. I have lived under the flight all time
    Protesters are just doing it for now good reason

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