Surrey’s Parking Proposals For Weybridge

I have just been told that Surrey is to publish its proposals for parking on Friday.  Do give your views on Surrey’s Plans.  Look at Surrey’s proposals with its reasons for change.  Two sets of maps: north and south.

Double-yellow-lines-on-a-road-and-pavement-curb-2101582Surrey is advertising its parking proposals for Weybridge on Friday, 30 September 2016, by way of a press notice published in the Surrey Advertiser.  There now follows a four week period during which anyone may object, support, or comment on the proposals.

Surrey staff will be on site on Friday erecting street notices at the locations affected. Surrey will also send postcards (with a copy of the street notice on the front, and the relevant drawing on the rear) to properties fronting any proposals (about 460 in total), and make hard copies of the plans available in the library, borough and county offices, as well as on it website.

Surrey will also be writing again to all the residents that it consulted in May/June 2016 regarding the permit area F. This includes Cedar Road, The Crescent, Dorchester Road, Gascoigne Road, Elmgrove Road, Holstein Avenue, Monument Green, Mount Pleasant, Oakdale Road,  St Albans Avenue  and Thames Street.

The deadline for comments is 28 October, and people who would like to object, support, or comment, may do so via Surrey’s online form (from Friday), or in writing to

Weybridge Parking Review
Surrey Parking Team
Rowan House, Merrow Lane


7 thoughts on “Surrey’s Parking Proposals For Weybridge

  1. By having permit only areas the Council are simply moving the parking problem to other areas. This has been proved beyond doubt previously. Every single week I have problems with parents from the school, parking over our drive – making it almost impossible to enter or leave, due to the obstruction. Being so close to the junction of Portmore Park Rd and Thames St, is an open invitation for inconsiderate parking. There is NEVER any sign of a traffic warden! Sooner… or later parking permit holder/no waiting parking will be required here. I think it should be sooner than later.

    Making it impossible for parents to park will force the school to utilise part of their 40 acre (I believe) site for parent dropping off/collection. It works exceptionally well at their Woburn Hill site. Of course the school does not wish to pay for such a solution, but I understand it was originally promised, when they took over the school!

    • The split in responsibility is that the police deals with the highway and traffic wardens deal with parking restrictions. Traffic wardens may not deal with streets that do not have parking restrictions.

      New restriction are coming for Thames Street, subject to the consultation, but not Portmore Park Road.

  2. RE Thanes Street, The parking restrictions shown from Dorchester Road along where the houses are should be on the other side of the road along the green this would enable people in those houses to park and enable trades vehicles to drop of to those houses without having to cross and block the road which at times can be very busy.

    • That was raised at the time but Surrey said that allowing parking on the inside of the bend could be dangerous. Do give your comments to Surrey

  3. I hope double yellow lines are added to the junction of mayfield rd and portmore park rd have had three accidents because of the parking night and day

  4. I live at the bottom of Beale’s Lane and allowing parking at the top of our street during school drop off and pick up times is dangerous, plus very inconsiderate of local residents especially when the larger SUVs come to park and block the road. Beale’s Lane is a single lane thoroughfare – not wide enough for 2 cars to pass except at the very top. When parents park here they are virtually blocking our only outlet to the high street, making it difficult to pass through and get to work. It also blocks access for emergency services and rubbish collection. Please reconsider making the top of Beale’s Lane a “no parking” area for school drop off times. Cars already have use of the Crown Pub, the Minnow car parks and Portmore Park Rd (a much wider road) and so I don’t see why our road with such limited access has be virtually impassable during these busy times.

    • As a local resident of Beales Lane I feel we will become more congested with indiscriminate parking from the proposed scheme already we suffer from a decision to paint yellow lines on Thames St. As regards any parking restrictions in the surrounding area of St George’s Shool it will only be ignored by parents dropping off there children at the school! But cause more inconvenience to local residents as it is the road is subject to more cars with the change of use of St Katherines.

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