2 thoughts on “Radnor Road Parking Proposals 2019-20

  1. Not needed. …due to lock down people became far more aware of parking on these corners, mainly due to dust carts unable to get round ….suddenly they realised why rubbish not collect.
    A note is put out on our Radnor Rd site every Wednesday not to park and people have got the message.

    Having cars parked occasionly on these corners helps slow the traffic down!

    Most of us know who’s car is who’s, and it will be moved.

    Due to the development of Rowlet with no provision for parking there is a huge problem in this Rd, most of us land up in portmore park so the removal of prospective 4 parking places is just going to add ton our misery.

  2. I live in Glencoe Road and feel that the two corners at the bottom should be no parking as well. People just ‘abandon their cars to save themselves a short walk. A fire engine would not be able to get around most nights of the week..

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