River Thames Scheme animation

The River Thames Scheme (RTS) has produced a new animation to provide a straightforward summary of how the project will protect against flooding.

Entitled “How a Flood Channel Works” the video explains how the proposed new river channel and associated weir improvements will work by making the comparison with a road bypass and junction upgrades.

The RTS covers an area from Egham in Surrey to Teddington in Greater London and includes a new flood channel, built in two sections, that will reduce the risk of flooding to homes, businesses and infrastructure. The easterly section will meet the Thames opposite Elmbridge Canoe Club in Weybridge.

The scheme will also provide habitat for wildlife and a new feature in the landscape for recreation, including on Desborough Island. Footpaths and cycleways will run along the channel and through the new public spaces, linking different landscape elements with communities and providing better connections within and across the area.

The project is being delivered in partnership between the Environment Agency and Surrey County Council.

Find out more about theĀ River Thames Scheme.

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