Listening to you. 

Although I have lived and worked here for many years and have walked and cycled along every street in the town, I cannot know about every concern without your input.

Lives locally

I have lived in Weybridge for thirty years.  First in Park Lawn Road, then Oakdale Road and finally Holstein Avenue.

Works locally

I set up my business, the ETA,  in Weybridge twenty years ago.  Now it provides 50,000 people across Britain who want to reduce their travel impact on the environment by offering a range of products such as: cycle insurance, car breakdown and carbon offset.

My company funds the ETA Trust, a charity which campaigns for more environment transport.  The ETA established  Green Transport Week in 1992, Green Car Buyers Guide in 1993,  Walk to School Week in 1995Car Free Day in 1997and 20’s Plenty in 1999.

Gets things done locally

I have been a very active member of the Weybridge Society committee for 14 years. I have campaigned to maintain a vibrant town centre, with a variety of shops, and  facilities; a safe town with 20 mph speed limits in residential roads and safe routes to school; and to have local school places for every child in Weybridge

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