Broadwater Lake

This is a listed feature in the east of the ward stretching from Greenlands Road to Cowey Sale.  It was developed as the fishing lake for Oatlands Palace, constructed in 1537 by Henry VIII. The palace was demolished around 1650.


9 thoughts on “Broadwater Lake

  1. Is the foot path (which was successful in getting funding) going ahead or has st George’s school now stopped it? Since st George’s are only around half the year, have other public footpaths crossing their land on what grounds can they object? Seems very selfish that a privledged few can spoil the access for the greater community. What are you specifically doing about this Andrew?

  2. We have lived in Walton Lane for 40 years and did not know about this development.
    What a brilliant result to walk along Broadwater Lake!
    This will be very popular as there is a lack of walks in Weybridge.
    Well done to Andrew Davis for highlighting this walk.

  3. I tried to find a route through in Jan 14 but at the start the path leads into a field with a fence at the end. I couldn’t see how to continue. Should you not go into the field but try to get close to where the ‘ditch’ is and follow that – presumably turns into the lake eventually?

  4. Any update about the path around the lake and if it is being cleaned up? Currently smells badly (Grenside Road end) – was the lake cleared up?

  5. Is there any update on whether the footpath is now fully signed and open?
    I was not clear exactly where its starting point is in Weybridge….

  6. Just wondering if it is possible to take a canoe from Broad Water lake via Engine River (which appears from Google Maps to be very small) and get onto the Thames. I am hoping to move to Oatlands Village and was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to walk a canoe down a footpath from the village onto Broad Water.

  7. This footpath is an essential part of the network. It will also reveal the beauty of Broadwater Lake to thousands in Weybridge who don’t know of its being

  8. The new path was part of the case for approving the reduced standard of Cowey Sale replacement land and should be implemented to comply with the decision made at the public enquiry for the bridge

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