Making a comment on a planning application

The is the short use term for land use planning.  Planning development in the early twentieth century but did not impact people in Surrey dramatically until the national government passed the Town and county Planning Act in 1947.

The British state has radically changed the basis of planning because it, mistakenly in my view, believes that planning is effecting Britain’s ability to develop a strong economic future.

Suffice to say that Elmbridge, which has one of the most stringent planning policies in England is one of the fastest developing economies in the country.  Poor areas in the country have virtually no planning restraints at all. Yet they fare poorly.

As Adam Smith pointed out 250 years ago – value comes from labour and for good or ill the vast majority of people in Weybridge are pretty good at extracting value from their labour.  Well educated, disciplined people do well in our society regardless of planning laws.  A little luck helps too.



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