Design and Character

Design coverThis document is for people wishing to develop land in Elmbridge.

The borough wants to secure the delivery of distinctive, high quality development across Elmbridge, that respects local character.

The document provides design guidance relating to all new development in the borough. Its overall aim is to ensure that the design of future development is more locally responsive, sustainable and built to a high quality.

It sets out how the borough will expect the location, form and type of new residential and non residential development in Elmbridge to be considered through the design process.

The parts of the document relevant to Weybridge are here:

Design – chapter 1 & 2 Introduction

Design – chapter 3 Introduction to Character

Design – chapter 3 Elmbridge Character

Design – chapter 3 Weybridge Character

Design – chapter 4 Design Process

Design – chapter 5 Design Guidance

Design – chapter 6 Design Types

Design – chapter 7 Design Examples 1-4

Design – chapter 7 Design Examples 5-6

Design Companion Guide – Elmbridge Character Overview

Design Companion Guide – Home Extensions

Design Companion Guide – Weybridge Character Overview