Around half of Weybridge is designated as Green Belt.  This must not be confused with the countryside or rural land.  Very little of Weybridge is agricultural.

Much of Weybridge’s green belt comprises of the waterworks on Desborough island, the sewerage works on the heath, St Georges Hill and Silvermere golf courses, Weybridge station, Oatlands Hotel, Heathside school and Brooklands college.  There is some housing in the green belt and recently new houses were built at Whittets Ait and Lockstone Close.

Weybridge is fortunate that as one leaves the town in any direction one travels through green belt land – although if travelling to Walton if you blink you would miss it.  Unfortunately the old Walton and Weybridge Urban District did not seek to keep Walton and Weybridge from effectively coalescing as the towns expanded after the war.  It would have given people a greater sense of place.