Morrisons Planning History

Morrisons already has planning permission to sell food from the site.

2009/1284: Permission granted in September 2009 for a variation of Condition 8 of the original permission (86/0358) to allow the sale of food from the premises.

2007/0530: Permission refused for the use of three car parking spaces for the siting and operation of a mobile catering unit. It was refused on the grounds that the prominent siting of the proposed catering unit would have an adverse impact on the character of the area.

2004/1994: A Certificate of Lawfulness was issued confirming that the use of the premises as a non-food retail store within Class A1 was appropriate in the context of the original permission for the sale of DIY goods in 1987.

2003/1881: Permission granted for the erection of security fencing and gates to the existing service yard and variation of Condition 7 of planning permission 86/0358, which regulated the hours of delivery and the use of the service yard for customer parking.

1999/2184: Permission granted for the variation of Condition 8 attached to 86/0358 to allow the sale of pet food. The permission limits the area to be used for the sale of foodstuffs (specifically pet food) to 200m2.

1986/0358: Planning permission was granted at appeal in December 1987 against the decision of Elmbridge Borough Council to refuse permission for an outline planning application to erect a retail DIY store with customer and staff parking on the site of a disused petrol station, car showroom and workshop known as Moores Garage. Condition 8 of this permission precluded the sale of food from the premises.

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