Emergency number is 112
Local police contact number is 101

9 January.  The news from the Weybridge Police is that vehicle crime is its main priority for Surrey Police in the first quarter of 2013. Surrey’s auto crime campaign will run for four weeks and will target all known offenders and vulnerable sites.  The team is reminding all motorists to secure their vehicle even they are parked on their driveway.  As you know, all contents and valuables can be gone in less than sixty seconds!

Weybridge has been suffering from more residential burglaries recently.  The Weybridge police team have made some arrests recently and will continue to monitor, arrest and prosecute everyone committing burglaries.

There has been some monitoring and enforcement action on Old Avenue involving Lorries causing obstructions. Drivers are being asked to move on if seen blocking the driveways. All actions are recorded and persistent offenders will be given a fixed penalty notice for causing unnecessary obstructions.

Walton Lane is another area for the local team and the road policing team has been working on.  Recently, a lorry was stopped for using this lane as a shortcut and was given a fixed penalty notice. There will be frequent police presence in this lane to make sure over-weight lorries are not using it as a short cut. There will be some speed-enforcement along Walton Lane by a joint Weybridge and road policing team action.

General anti-social behaviour is another problem of which the local team is aware. There are frequent anti-social patrols in Weybridge. The Weybridge police ask that all residents call 101 to report any anti-social behavior in Weybridge.

13 December.  This quarters meeting was in four parts: an overall report on crime in Weybridge: Burglary is up from last quarter’s 23 incidents to this quarter’s 31 – a 50% increase; theft from and of vehicles was down from 31 incidents to 21 – a 33% decrease.

We also had a talk from Kevin Hurley, our new Surrey police commissioner.  He gave a stark message that the police had to provide more with 23% less resource.  Although 23% seems a large cut a well managed organisation can meet such challenges.   He also outlined his philosophy on zero tolerance policing.

Most of the input from the burghers concentrated on lorries parking outside St Georges Hill Estate around Old Avenue and Brooklands Road.  Private roads are generally bad for society but when they get to the size of St Georges Hill Estate they can cause many problems for their neighbours.  The police are not in a position to solve the problem – they can only deal with the symptoms – many were unhappy with the lack of success so far.

Another problem was the lack of enforcement of the 7.5t weight limit on Walton Lane.  This will only get worse once the Walton Bridge is completed as the bridge itself will no longer have a weight limit.

The meeting voted to have these two issue as the main ones for the police to focus on next quarter.

12 November.  The local police team is working on: reducing vehicle crimes in public car parks; reducing residential burglaries; and easing parking problems on the main roads.

Weybridge has one of the lowest burglary reports compared to other towns in Elmbridge.
Cobham and Esher have been hit very hard in the past few months.  Weybridge has between one to two burglaries per month.  The team is continuing to target patrols in order to prevent crime and provide high visibility policing.
Speeding and parking complaints have seen a steady increase.  The major parking complaints are: Monument Green leading to Thames Street; Pine Grove; and Heath Road.
The police team is dealing with obstructions and dangerous parking; however, many cars are parked legally.  The police and the borough will continue to monitor and enforce when necessary.
Pedal cycle thefts have been a major problem in Weybridge.  The team will continue to stop and verify all identified criminals on bicycles. Local team is holding a regular bike marking sessions in Weybridge.
Weybridge has one of the lowest anti-social behaviour rates compared to other areas in Elmbridge.  The local police team is working hard by targeting known young people with previous history of anti-social behaviour.

23 September.  Current position on policing in Weybridge following the Olympics this summer is that year on year incidents of crime are down by half.  The main concern in the ward brought to the police is parking around St Georges School.


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  1. Police emphasis is right. Cost is excessive. Compare the amount I pay as a Police Levy to that I contribute to Elmbridge Council. It is out of proportion!

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