Mount Pleasant

3 October 2013 – proposed parking restriction changes.  Surrey proposes the following change: introduce double yellow lines on the junction with Portmore Park Road to Improve sightlines and vehicle access/egress.  Red line means “no parking at any time”.

Mount Pleasant 2013

3 thoughts on “Mount Pleasant

  1. Parking on the immediate corner should be introduced, this corned is particularly hazardous, especially when entering Mount Pleasant from the Pillars direction. It is currently, necessary to almost come to a stop before entering as the view up Mt Pl is completely blocked by vehicles parked on the apex of the corner. However, I reiterate, this restriction need only apply on the immediate apex’s and around the corner to the east.
    I cannot agree that the vehicles travelling down MtPl do so, carefully. It is my, daily, experience that they do completely the opposite with absolutely no regard, in Mt Pl or anywhere else, for the 20mph limit which, is not enforced, but which applies.

  2. This is a dreadful idea that will leave us no on street parking outside our house. Cars from Radnor Road, Glencoe Road, Portmore Park and Mount Pleasant are already fighting to park in every space in Mount Pleasant as it is. With even more restricted spaces, where will everyone park? Making Portmore Park Road clear of traffic will lead to cars speeding along as currently they have to drive carefully along the road. There is currently no problem – why change things and create one?

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