Oatlands Drive

In the last few years there has been a slight increase in the annual average daily flow of HGVs but this is an overall decline since ten years ago.  Did you guess that Queens Road had half the number of HGVs than Oatlands Drive?

Oatlands Graph-01

3 October 2013 – proposed parking restriction changes.  Surrey proposes the following change: introduce double yellow lines at junction of Castle Road and Victoria Road to improve sightlines and vehicle access/egress. Red line means “no parking at any time”.

Oatlands Drive 2013


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  1. The Duneeven Lodge site on Oatlands Drive is in an appalling state. The grounds are unsightly and the hedges are so overgrown that walking on the footpath is now unsafe; the vegetation pushes the pedestrian out close to the kerb and the footpath naturally slopes towards the road so that the danger of slipping onto the road is very real. Is anything being done about this?

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