Walton Lane

10 February 2014 Floods. Walton Lane becomes seriously flooded at the Shepperton end but at the Weybridge it is possible to pass.  Despite police signs saying road closed ahead because of flood, drivers think they know better and drive on.  They go over the hill and find that they have to turn around – often with difficulty.  Locals put up barriers to make the message obvious.

Walton Lane Barrier-01 Small







St Georges School playing field, which is in the flood plain, goes underwater.

Walton Lane Playing Fields-01 Small







The Thames is broader than it has been for years at D’Oyly Carte green.

Walton Lane D'Oyly Carte Car Park-01 Small







13 December 2012.  At the quarterly meeting with the police, burghers complained about the lack of enforcement of the 7.5t weight limit in Walton Lane.  Some residents said the signage was not good enough – this is Surrey and not a police matter.  I have raised the poor signage with Surrey.

Brighe End Left smallThe weight limit sign is lost among the roadworks at Walton Bridge.

Walton End North smallThe picture is a little dark but you can see that the sign is facing the wrong way.  The sign can only be read by those leaving the borough.

One thought on “Walton Lane

  1. SIGNAGE at both ends of Walton Lane – Weybridge and Bridge – enforcing the 7.5t weight limit, are SCC’s responsibility, and I understand this has been raised with them by yourself as being visually poor. To be effective in enforcing the legal limit along this “lane”, surely the signs need to be positioned WELL BEFORE the road approach, as once large vehicles turn into the road it is almost impossible (at both ends) to renegotiate a turn, and exit. Currently a lot of vehicles are pleading ignorance, hence the abuse by enormous trucks, lorries, tankers, over-laden skips, using this route.

    THE SPEED LIMIT signs are also inadequate – too small, antiquated, obscured by trees. SCC must rectify this with effective, modern signage by completion of the new bridge in July. Speed cameras would of course solve the problem of offending drivers exceeding the limit. The old argument of expense of installation of cameras would be countered by the benefits of safety and reduced police monitoring.

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