Heath Path

Heath Road

Another step on the way to safe travel for pedestrians and cyclists between the town and the station along Heath Road.

Surrey has never pushed for a path here because it was always considered too difficult to get permission from the owners for a path on the common.  Despite the general reluctance to make the move, I pressed for approaches to be made to the owners of the land. Officers from Surrey have now approached the owners who have given their approval in principle.

There are many more steps ahead. However, gaining this permission in principle is probably the most important.  We are now moving ahead on seeking sources of funding.  There are currently more financial pots available than there were previously. Two examples are the Community Infrastructure Levy- CIL – and the M3 Growth Fund.

Easter Egg Hunt by bike

Cycling cycle cyclistThis Sunday is Weybridge’s annual Easter Egg Hunt – by cycle.

Starting from the Hand & Spear at the station at 10am on Sunday the Easter Egg Hunt will take us on a tour of the area looking for hidden Easter eggs.  In teams of two or three cyclists, and using a map and a clue sheet we will have two hours to find as many answers as possible.

Teams can consist of two or three members.  Don’t worry if you don’t already have a buddy to ride with, you can be paired up with someone suitable at the start. There will be no fixed route, but expect to cycle around 20 miles or so.

The finish back at the station by about noon.  There will be prizes, kindly provided by Woking Cycle Users Group.

If you want to come, just turn up.  If you have questions or need to contact the organisers on the day call 07930 320 241.

Broadwater Path

BroadwaterI learnt today that Surrey’s Countryside Officer has received formal notice of objection to the Broadwater Path from St George’s School on grounds of safeguarding.

I know that many people will be disappointed at this turn of events, especially given that St George’s School already has a public footpath passing through its grounds.

I trust that the matter can be resolved quickly as it was expected that the construction of the path could begin this spring.  This path, walked by many, including me, for several decades, was awarded £110,000 by Elmbridge to enable people with disabilities to progress from Weybridge to Cowey Sale with ramped bridges over the Broadwater and Engine Rivers.

This would only be the first stage because once the path was in place it would open up the possibility of public funding for essential maintenance of the lake, which is pressingly needed.

As ever, I’ll keep you posted with developments.

Tesco Bags of Help

Tesco Bags of HelpThe money raised from the 5p bag charge in Tesco stores in Weybridge will be used to pay for a local projects to improve green spaces in the communities. Projects that will get the green light as a result of the funding will include building new pocket parks, sports facilities, woodland walks and community gardens.

Administration of the local funding will be managed by the community charity with a green heart, Groundwork, which specialises in transforming communities and the local environment for the better/

Click here for more information.

Outdoor Play Week

Littleworth commonFor many reasons, children nowadays are not experiencing as much active play time as their parents used to when they were young. Outdoor Play Week is all about encouraging children to connect with nature and rediscover the fun and excitement of playing outdoors. From Sunday, 20 March to Saturday, 2 April, children and their parents can join in free events across the Borough:

  • Pond dip at Littleworth Common – Sunday 20 March. Drop in from 10am. Event finishes at 11.30 am.
    Littleworth Common Pond, across the road from Café Rouge on the Portsmouth Road. Nearest postcode: KT10 9AD
  • Hunt for creatures that crawl and swim in your local ponds.  All equipment will be provided and staff will be on hand to help you identify your catch.
  • Xplorer – Drop in sessions – Wednesday 30 March, 10am to 12pm and Friday 1 April, 2.30pm to 4pm
    Coronation Recreation Ground, Molesey Road, Hersham KT12 4QR.
    A family fun challenge suitable for all ages, pre-school to primary. Use a map to try and find secret animals and interesting facts pictured on markers hidden around the park. When you’ve finished don’t forget to collect your certificate.
  • Go Wild with Outdoor Play – Saturday 2 April
    Drop in from 10am. Event finishes at 1pm.
    Brooklands Community Park, Sopwith Drive, Weybridge KT13 0XF
    Explore Brooklands Community Park. Model with junk, make a ball run, hunt for bugs in the woods and try some natural crafts.

All the above events are suitable for all ages.

Why not invite your children to make the most of the many green spaces in the borough during Outdoor Play Week? They can burn off energy, take a close look at the environment and learn to interact and understand the natural world. The outdoors offer limitless opportunities for creativity and free play. Playing outdoors with their friends will develop their social skills. It will also boost their confidence as they learn new things and assess risks.

For further information, please visit elmbridge.gov.uk/shout or elmbridge.gov.uk/countryside or call 01372 474 634.

Gateways Signs Grant

Lamppost bannersAccording to the applicants the Weybridge Town Centre Signage project will help to improve the look and feel of the town centre, improve footfall and further embed the success of the business group working with the borough to create a positive outlook for the town. The project will erect twelve Welcome to Weybridge lamp column banners and two Welcome to Weybridge gateway signs that will help define the town centre and support the environmental improvements to encourage residents to shop locally and support Weybridge town centre shops.  The picture here is indicative there is no visual of the proposed lamppost designs or gateway signs in the application.

As far as I can see, this expenditure is discretionary in that there is no legal requirement to provide these facilities.  This grant is therefore not replacing mandatory funding from elsewhere.

For more information click here.  Give your view on our giving a £3,900 grant for this proposal here. Other projects seeking grants here.

Rat-run survey

Rat-runs might not concern you or they could be the bane of your life let us know your views.  At this point I’d better say what a rat-run is (someone asked me so I should not assume that the term is generally understood).  Indeed, when I was a child we called them duck-shoves – a street used by the irresponsible.

Thames Street Tight SmallA rat-run or duck-shove is a street, or series of streets, that people use to avoid travelling along a main road.  They become heavily trafficked at peak times because the main road is slow or blocked completely. Rut-runs used to be the preserve of locals but with modern dynamic satnavs outsiders can be guided done any streets that is available. Rat-runs will become more widespread and more trafficked as time passes.

If you want to give your views on rat-running click here.

The map below shows main roads in black, major rat-runs in red, minor rat-runs in orange ant no through streets in green.  Fortunately, most us live on green streets but consider those people who live or walk down those red and orange streets..

Support for the Elderly


meals on wheelsElmbridge has produced a leaflet with a number of top tips and have outlined services that could be of help especially to older and vulnerable people living in the borough

What support is available?

  • The meals on wheels service provides hot meals seven days a week with an optional breakfast and teatime service.
  • Community alarm is a 24 hour, 365 day a year monitoring service that provides assistance in an emergency.
  • Community transport is available to provide accessible transport to assist with getting out and about to the Weybridge centre. A dial-a ride service enables residents to visit friends, family and attend appointments and weekly shopping trips to supermarkets in Cobham, Kingston, Walton, and Weybridge retail park.
  • At the Weybridge centre, there are a range of activities and services on offer with a freshly prepared three course lunch available to centre members.
  • Elmbridge’s housing care and repair team can support you to repair or adapt your home to meet your needs keeping you independent and safe in your home.

Copies of the Keeping Warm and Well leaflet are available at Weybridge centre.  A copy can be downloaded from their website or if you would like the leaflet to be posted to you or would like further information on any of the community support services mentioned please call the team on 01372 474 552.