Parks – What are your views

Many of you tell me that you treasure the parks and green spaces of Weybridge.  They are places where you can escape the hustle and bustle of daily life, get fit or simply enjoy the views and relax.

As part of its planning for the future of Elmbridge’s green spaces, the borough is looking at the service it currently provides and it wishes to know what your views are about it. Do you think your local parks are well maintained or do you feel there is room for improvement?

To take part in the survey, please visit click here.  Before you begin the survey think about your own comments and if they are not addressed in the questionnaire itself add your comments in the space available the end.  The questionnaire will only take a few minutes to fill in and you could win a £30 voucher from a local garden centre.  The deadline is Thursday, 31 October at the very latest. You can also contact Leisure and Cultural Services on 01372 474 568 to ask for a paper questionnaire to be sent to you.

Walton Lane

Many of you will know that I think Walton Lane – the ancient way to Walton from Weybridge before Oatlands Drive was built – should be stopped up for motorised vehicles on the border between Weybridge and Shepperton (Yes Cowey Sale is in Shepperton despite being south of the river) – the benefits to people living in the north of Weybridge would be dramatic.  Have a look at a view of how Cowey Sale could look too.

Development Plan for Weybridge

Gone are the days when local government drew lines on a map to indicate where different types of development was allowed to take place.  Development control as it was called has given way to development management. This can be positive if the borough is active in providing a coherent plan for Weybridge but it can be a property developers charter if the plans are not robust enough.

The national government’s introduction of the National Planning Policy Framework in 2012 radically changed the planning scheme in England.   All the planning authorities in the county were obliged to review their own policies to ensure that they were aligned with the new framework.  They were given twelve months to do so.

Elmbridge has been reviewing all its policies and has been changing them as necessary and two are ready for consultation

The Development Management Plan will contain the day to day policies against which planning applications and enforcement action will be assessed. It will contain the policies needed to manage the appropriate delivery of high quality development across Elmbridge.

Weybridge Investment and Development Plan. The aim of each of this plan is to identify both the development that will come forward and investment that will support any growth. Each plan will identify:

  • key sites for the delivery of new housing, commercial premises and community buildings
  • pitches for gypsies and travellers (none is planned for Weybridge)
  • schools and colleges where there are opportunities for expansion
  • open spaces that need to be protected and some earmarked for enhancement
  • employment land that should remain as such because of its strategic importance
  • infrastructure improvements and priorities

If you want you seee more there is a road-show at 10-1pm, on Thursday, 18 April, in  Churchfield Road Public Car Park

How to comment

All comments must be submitted by 4pm on Monday 20 May 2013 via:


I encourage you to comment using the on-line consultation portal on the borough’s webpages. This will enable officers to process your comments more efficiently saving the borough both time and money.

If you have any further queries please contact our planning policy team on 01372 474787.

Broadwater Path

A few people have been asking where the new Broadwater path is located.  There is no official right of way as yet – that is why there is not a finger post erected but it is coming soon, all being well.  The path begins off Grenside Road – see map below.

Path entrance

The path is muddy in places and at narrow points, where horses have churned up the mud, it requires wellies.  However, we managed to find a way around the short muddy bits quite comfortably by finding an acceptable route though the undergrowth.

Broadwater path

Broadwater Lake

There has been good progress and it is now possible to walk most of the route.   There is some clearance work needed on the western end which the borough is carrying out with its own team.  This should be completed by the Spring.  Phase two involves the county dedicating the path whereby it is officially recorded as a public right of way.  Once this is done the county will erect the official permanent footpath signs. More …