Play for Team Elmbridge

surreyyouthgameslogo2010finalTeam Elmbridge is looking for young sports enthusiasts to fly the colours of the borough at the Surrey Youth Games 2016 at the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford on
18 and 19 June.

If you are aged between 7 and 16 years old and want to try a new sport or compete against other boroughs in your favourite sport, then register online here
Team Elmbridge will be represented across 13 different sports this year so you have plenty to choose from.

To compete for Team Elmbridge you must:

  • Live or go to school in Elmbridge
  • Be the correct age and gender for the sport you wish to participate in
  • Be below county standard in the sport you wish to represent

Don’t miss your chance to have a go at something new or improve your skills in your favourite sport by receiving coaching from professional coaches from local sports clubs. This is your chance to learn new skills and tactics and it is completely free. Once the fun of the Games is over, you might want to continue playing your favourite sport.

Trials dates will take place throughout April and May and if you qualify for a place in Team Elmbridge, you will be attending free training sessions for up to eight weeks to get ready for the Surrey Youth Games. Over 2,000 youngsters from 11 different boroughs compete at the games every year. For some of them, it is their first experience of a county wide competition and an experience not to miss.

For more information on the P&G Surrey Youth Games please contact the Sports Development Team on 01372 474570, email or visit the website.

Dorchester Road

Dorchester RoadSurrey transport engineers tell me that Dorchester Road is on the provisional programme for a micro-asphalt surface treatment in the municipal year 2016/17. These schemes have not yet been programmed but the works are seasonal, so should be implemented during the Spring/Summer.

Micro asphalt is classed as a surface treatment, but is different to surface dressing in that the asphalt is laid as a liquid slurry in two coats (base coat and top coat) up to 20mm thick. Once the the slurry has cured/broken the road can be trafficked less than an hour after application. The micro asphalt process is used on residential streets that are structurally sound and will seal the road (stopping ingress of water) and improve texture (skid resistance).

There are two stages:
1. The street will be prepped with all defects (potholes) being patched/sealed.
2. At a later date micro asphalt will be applied.

Rat-run survey

Rat-runs might not concern you or they could be the bane of your life let us know your views.  At this point I’d better say what a rat-run is (someone asked me so I should not assume that the term is generally understood).  Indeed, when I was a child we called them duck-shoves – a street used by the irresponsible.

Thames Street Tight SmallA rat-run or duck-shove is a street, or series of streets, that people use to avoid travelling along a main road.  They become heavily trafficked at peak times because the main road is slow or blocked completely. Rut-runs used to be the preserve of locals but with modern dynamic satnavs outsiders can be guided done any streets that is available. Rat-runs will become more widespread and more trafficked as time passes.

If you want to give your views on rat-running click here.

The map below shows main roads in black, major rat-runs in red, minor rat-runs in orange ant no through streets in green.  Fortunately, most us live on green streets but consider those people who live or walk down those red and orange streets..

Winter Shelter to Help Homeless People

HomelessTransform Housing & Support will be operating a winter shelter for homeless people from Elmbridge, Spelthorne and Runnymede from 5 January to 31 March. The shelter will run in a Surrey  owned building in Staines and will accommodate up to ten clients a night, offering dinner and breakfast and a safe place to stay. The project follows on from the tri-borough shelter hosted by Whiteley Village last winter. Elmbridge has committed a contribution to the running costs of the project, along with the two other boroughs, whilst a range of locally-based organisations have pledged support of various kinds to help get the project up and running . Visit the transform housing website for more details.

Cybercrime survey

CybersafeSurrey police has created a survey to discover how cybercrime is affecting local people on a day to day basis.  It is hoped that the survey will give an insight into the types of cybercrime residents are falling victim to and the extent to which people are currently able to protect themselves.  Data from Trading Standards suggests that last year Surrey residents lost £1.9 million online, and this is likely to be just the tip of the iceberg.  Cyber bullying is also becoming an increasing problem with teachers and parents expressing concerns over this problem as well as other risky online behaviour.

The survey is part of a bigger project called CyberSafe Surrey, an initiative put in place to support professionals and practitioners in protecting their communities against cybercrime.  The survey is open to everyone regardless of whether you have been a victim of cybercrime or not and will cover your experiences and perceptions of cybercrime.  The survey will run until February 2016 and can be accessed here.

Redhill Road Cycle Lane

Redhill Road Cycle LanesIf you have ever cycled along Redhill Road you will have noticed the cycle lanes.  You will also notice that there are cars parked on the lanes

Surrey Police cannot enforce no parking because the lanes have dashed rather than solid lines.  It is up to Surrey to make them solid.  Surrey is looking into it.

As Redhill Road is used by cyclists going to and from Wisley/Ockham commons would you support converting these lanes into solid lines to enable parking enforcement?


Broadwater Path

Boroadwater East End with Paths-01I have contacted Surrey countryside access team.  They tell me that they have met up with the health club which is the main landowner, and a plan has been agreed.  Surrey intend to clear the path alongside Broadwater, which will then help the health club establish which route they are agreeing to dedicate. Once all the legal dedication agreements have been put in place we can start with the surfacing. It is likely to take about six to twelve months.

I have asked for a plan of the route at the eastern end to ensure all path route are protected (black to Oatlands Drive – red to Thames Path and Green to Cowey Sale).  If you want to be part of a team to register all the bridleways and footpath in the town then please contact me.

Warning on public health cuts in Surrey

healthcareFigures released by the national department of health show the Conservative national government is planning to cut £2.2m from the public health budget across Surrey.

This will have a direct impact on efforts to improve health at local level because the public health budget relieves pressure on English NHS hospitals and clinics by helping people to solve their own health problems before they become serious.

For example, the budget helps finance work to promote exercise, give up smoking and tackle drug addiction.

Cllr Hazel Watson, Surrey’s Leader of the Liberal Democrats opposition, said: “These planned cuts of £2.2m to Surrey’s public health budget are the wrong cuts, made in the wrong way.  The public health budget is an important support system for our NHS and these planned cuts represent a false economy which will only end up costing the government and the NHS more than is saved.

Road surfaces

Pot Hole

As I cycle around the ward I make a note of the quality of the road surface.  A number of streets have been transformed in recent years other are still very poor.  Some streets vary along their length Queen’s Road is bordering on excellent in some parts but in others very poor.  In my list I have given a general assessment of the whole street  and is there are part that differ greatly then mention under “in parts”.   I have awarded two better than average categories and two less than average.  Do tell me if the disagree with my judgement – I ham more than happy to look at streets again.

Ideally any street marked poor or very poor should already have been resurfaced but do not holder you breathe – at the current rate of progress Surrey will never mange to resurface all the streets.  The richest county in the country – what went wrong?  I wonder whether is has something to do with the fact that the same party has governed Surrey for over 100 years and complacency set in years ago.

Street Generally  In parts
Balfour Good
Beales Fair
Belvedere Fair
Bridge Good
Brooklands Fair Poor
Churchfields Ave Fair Poor
Crescent Poor
Curzon Close Fair
Curzon Road Poor Very poor
Darnley Park Fair
Devonshire Good
Dorchester Poor Very poor
Dorney Fair
Dovecote Poor
Elmgrove Fair Very poor
Finnart Poor
Fortescue Fair
Gascoigne Poor Very poor
Glencoe Very poor
Greenlands Fair Poor
Grenside Good Poor
Jessamy Good
Latymer Fair
Limes Good
March Fair
Marlborough Fair Poor
Mayfield Fair
Meadowsleigh Very poor
Melrose Fair
Molyneax Fair
Montrose Good
Mount Pleasant Fair
Oatlands Good
Old Palace Fair
Portmore Quays Good
Quandrant Good
Queens (east) Good
Queens (west) Poor Very poor
Radnor Fair Very poor
Round Oak Fair
St Albans Fair
Thames Poor Very poor
Vaillant Fair Poor
Waverley Fair
West Palace Good Fair
Wey Fair Very poor

Are you registered to vote?

voteRegistering to vote is essential. It means you have the right to vote at elections and can even improve your credit rating.

In order to know who is eligible to register to vote, the borough of Elmbridge has delivered Household Enquiry Forms to every home.  Everyone in each household is required by law to provide the information, and one person from each household needs to reply to the form, confirming who lives in each property. Elmbridge uses the information to publish a revised Register of Electors on 1 December 2015.

Go on website

Everyone should ensure a form has been completed for their household. They come filled in with existing information and if no changes need to be made, this can be confirmed online by visiting the borough’s website. Security codes on the form make this a simple operation. The form also contains information about alternative ways of responding.

Those failing to respond to the form might not appear on the revised electoral register and could lose their right to vote. Registering for other council services or paying council tax does not register you to vote. Furthermore, some organisations use the electoral register to check identities, which could make it more difficult to obtain some services if you are not on the register.

Enquiry form not registration

The Household Enquiry Form is used to update information – it is not a registration form. The borough uses information provided on the enquiry form to send out registration forms to any new electors. If you are a new elector, you can avoid having an individual registration form sent to you by registering online.

With the introduction of Individual Electoral Registration, each person is required to register to vote individually. When you register to vote, you will be required to verify your identity by supplying your National Insurance number and date of birth.

For more information visit and