Footpaths, Bridleways and Cycleways

There are many paths in Weybridge used by cyclists but very few of them are legal.  This is for two main reasons: when the custom of right of way was developed cycles had not been invented: and, cyclists began using footpaths anyway so no formal changes were made.  With the increase in utility cycling  – not to be confused with leisure or sport cycling – local government must provide safety and comfort for all highways users.  In consultation with local people, Elmbridge and Surrey officers I plan to regularise the status off all our highways and by ways in Weybridge.

Find out more about public rights of way here.

These are the footpaths registered as right of way

FP18 Church Walk – Radnor Road to Thames Street
FP19 Thames Lock path – from Church Walk to Addlestone (otherside of the Wey navigation)
FP20 Minorca Path – from Minorca Road to Portmore Path Road
FP21 Churchmeadow Path – from Church Lane to Hanger Hill
FP22 Springrose Path – from Springfield Meadows to Melrose Road
FP23 Brooklands Path – from Weybridge Station to Seven Arches Bridge
FP27 Thames Path – from Thames Street to Cowey Sale
FP27a Desborough Path – from Walton Lane to Walton around Desborough Island
FP28 Danewood Path – Weybridge Station to Windsor Walk
FP29 North Common Path – from Queens Road to Oatlands Avenue
FP30 Cedarpines Path – from High Pines to Cedar Grove
FP36 Grenside Path – from Grenside Road to Thames Path (meets with FP27b)
FP37 Mitre Path – form Waverley Road to Heath Road
FP38 Wey Weadows – along Wey Meadows
FP39 Segrave Path – from Lonsdale Road to Seven Arches Bridge

Unregistered footpaths

Broadwater Path – from Grenside Road to Cowey Sale
Brookside Path – from Old Heath Road to Brooklands Lane
Caenshill Path – Seven Arches Bridge to Boroklands College
Engine River Path – from Grenside Road to Oatlands Drive
Grotto Path – from Oatland Drive to Marlborough Drive
Finnart Path – from Valillent Road to Finnart Close
Fortescue Path – from Fortescue Road to Heath Road
Highbaker Path – from Baker Street to High Street
Hillcrest Path – from Hillcrest to Hanger Hill
Monument Path – from Baker Street to Monument Hill
New Path – from New Road to Pine Grove
Palace Path – from Old Palace Gardens to Palace Drive
Ship Yard – from High Street to Elmbridge Road
Springfield Path – from Baker Street to Springfield Meadows
Southerland Path – from Meadowsleigh Close to Southerland Drive
Tennis Path – from Weybridge Station to Brooklands College
Wey Path – Portmore Park Road via Wey road to Portmore Park Road


Seven Arches Bridge to Sopwith Way
Byfleet and New Haw Station to Sopwith Way