Town Centre Parking

Much of central Weybridge is taken up by off-street parking – marked red on map.

Although most of this is for staff non customers or the general public

7 thoughts on “Town Centre Parking

  1. Parking is a form of indirect taxation. The country is in a meltdown and yet the council is increasing prices. In my opinion reading the replys from the people in the council they need to go and get some basic understanding of Econonics. Maybe I am wrong but it appears that we should kill the goose that lay the golden egg.

  2. Very useful and telling statistics. On this basis increase in Weybridge car parking charges is not defensible

  3. I agree totally with David Rylands’ comments. Does the borough think the public is stupid? I suggest it has not thought this through thoroughly.

  4. Putting up the charges is stupid – beware the law of unintended consequences, or in this case perhaps INTENDED consequences by the council. More people will be tempted to park inconsiderately and will block traffic or cause inconvenience for residents. Residents parking will be required on more streets – hey presto yet another revenue stream to the council. Leave it be!!

  5. I would suggest that some 50% at least of the parking areas highlighted on your map are private and not available to the public. It is dishonest to suggest that there is so much parking space available.

    The area around the old Focus store is completely blocked off, the area around the hospital os 50% reserved for staff, and north of the High Street, the largest area is Waitrose car park otherwise the rest of the areas are not open to the public at all but are loading areas for shops.

    A very dishonest presentation. We need much more public parking space or the town will continue to die. I live in the town but shop at Tesco or Brooklands where there is good free parking.

    • This map is not intended to show the availability of public parking but to show how much of the land is taken up by parking whether private or public.

    • its about time you remove all parking charges and get rid of the parking wardens and there managers stop creating jobs for the boys. You only move the car parking to Portmore Park Road, Oakdale Road, Thames Street, March Road, Fortescue Road, with more congestion and bad parking.

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