Pavement Parking

The national government, some time ago, gave highway authorities the power to ban parking on the footway under statute law but Surrey has decided not to take up the option.  I am told that this is on cost grounds.  This means that Elmbridge parking staff, who may only enforce statute laws, may not take any action.

Parking on the footway is only unlawful when causing an obstruction under common law and as such can only be dealt with by the police.  Surrey police has told me that unless a vehicle is causing serious traffic blockage it will not intervene.  Consequently, next to no enforcement takes place.  This is deliberate policy by Surrey and something I would change if I were in a position to change it.

Next time you have to take your buggy into the carriageway to get around a car parked on the pavement remember that this is part of Surrey Conservative administration’s policy.  It is not because the staff are not doing their job.