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Parking policy – what policy

Surrey does not have a policy on parking that I have been able to find.  In Weybridge the implementation of parking control is mainly decided by officers with little or no input from county councillors – let alone Elmbridge councillors or the general  the public. Consequently it is a mess.

Surrey, wrongly in my view, assumes that every street is part of the highway network and therefore has a presumption of through traffic over local use of a particular street.  Ideally, Surrey would relinquish control of all streets accept for those required for interurban travel. This would make nearly all of the streets in Weybridge the sole responsibility of Elmbridge. Our lives would be simpler.

Currently the process works in these stages:

Burghers propose
Throughout the year residents send requests for changes to Surrey.  This is by telephone, email, through the website or by letter.  These are collated until the time comes to review them.  In Elmbridge around 700 requests are made a year.

In February Surrey parking staff filter out duplicates and requests that do not fall under the parking purview.  This brings the number of schemes down to 300 in Elmbridge.  This list is not made public – nor even sent to councillors.

In March and April Surrey staff visit the possible schemes to see which, in their view, could benefit from changes. The list now drops to 90 schemes.  This list is presented to the Surrey Local Committee for Elmbridge Parking Task Group to consider.

This group consists of two county councillors and two bough councillors (the borough leader and portfolio holder fro transport).  The list is still not public.  Change may be made but considering that their are 90 schemes to be considered in two hours there is little political oversight.

In June the list is presented to the Surrey Local Committee for Elmbridge.  It is at that point that the list made available to the public.  The committee passes these proposals en bloc.

In the autumn these proposals are advertised.  This is when most people get to see the proposals.  Modification may be made at this stage but only to reduce to scope and not to increase it.

Unless there is a vast public outcry the proposals are implemented in December to January.

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