Street cleaning

Street Cleaning VehicleElmbridge borough aims to clean residential streets every four weeks. The gutters and foot-ways are mechanically swept and cleared of litter and general dirt.

How to make sure your street is being cleaned.

  • Check out when your street is due to be cleaned here. Filter your search by Weybridge first.
  • Once you know the week that your street is supposed to be cleaned then take an extra look at the gutters. Inform your neighbours too.  Take photos of gutters (especially where there are double yellow lines because sweepers cannot then say “a car was parked there”).
  • If your street has not been cleaned in that week then tell Elmbridge about it here and ask your neighbours to do the same at around the same day.  Send the borough your before and after photos.
  • If nothing happens contact me with your original EBC contact reference numbers and also ask your neighbours to do the same.

‘Special cleans’ might be required for roads with a lot of car parking and residents will be notified before these cleans take place. Town centres are cleaned daily.

If you see an area in need of attention, please check to see when the next scheduled clean will take place and if necessary let Elmbridge know about it so the borough can send someone out to clean it up as soon as they are available.

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