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Cleves School is proposing to increase its size by fifteen classes – up to 450 extra pupils.  This would make it one of the largest primary schools in the country.

More importantly, it could have a serious impact on Oatlands and Manby Lodge Schools – which might have to close.

Many people in the ward a concerned about this impact.  At a meeting at Weybridge Hall ably chaired by Robert Evans (an ex-head teacher) speakers included the County Council admissions officer,  Chairs of Governor at Oatlands and Manby Lodge Infants School. The County Councillor cabinet member for Learning also attended.

Cleves, which has academy status, has not consulted any of the local schools – private or state. They do not need to.  The points raised amung others are:

  1. Cleves sees this as a defensive action when it is threatened with loss of intake from the expansion of state schools in Hersham
  2. If funding is achieved, then the entry to the school  will increase by 5 forms and thus precipitate the closure of Manby Lodge and Oatlands, both of which have just undergone an expansion.
  3. If it proceeds it will be immediate which will be a condition of funding.
  4. There is keen competition for limited academy funds so chances are not that high.
  5. The school has generated much bad feeling in the community and has the support of all three political parties.
  6. Major rebuilding will be required to accommodate  400 4 -7 years.
  7. Traffic problems, which are already bad will undoubtedly get worse.
  8. Apparently many parents with children at Cleves are keeping quiet for risk of alienating powers that be in the school.
  9. It is difficult to have any input into policies and proposals of an academy school which has so much statutory independence.

What you can do:

  1. First add your comments here.
  2. Email Manby Lodge and Oatlands with your support and Cleves school with your concerns.

3 thoughts on “Cleves School

  1. Haven’t we seen Manby in the midst of a redevelopment? So not likely to close really !!

  2. Unfortunately Cleves has alienated many in the community. It’s theatre is a great space and is available for hire but at prohibitive rates meaning many smaller local groups cannot justify paying that much for the space. In my distant memory I recall that when it was built, one of its ‘strengths’ was going to be this use by other groups.

  3. Cleves School is still proving a simmering threat in expanding/changing its catchment area. Oatlands Infant, Manby Lodge and St James; Cof E need continued ‘protection’

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