We are responsible for our health and for most of us we are in a position to manage our health effectively.

During the last century the health of people in Weybridge improved dramatically.  The difference between the health of people living in 1900 and 2000 is remarkable.  Most of the changes were because of the dramatic increase in wealth of the population which meant that the diet was improved along with universal potable water on tap and the building of the sewerage system.

A big change occurred during the 1920s when female deaths in child birth reduced in frequency alongside peri-natal death to infants.  Apart from these two health improvements most of the changes in the quality of life came from changes in work patterns and diet.

The impact of diseases such as measles, scarlet fever and polio were reducing long before the advent of the use of drugs.

At the turn of the century Weybridge had it own public health officer and medical officer. The Locke-King family gave generously for the foundation of Weybridge’s own hospital.

In 1948 the British government took control of our hospital by act of parliament (with no compensation). In the state sector the Ashford and St Peters Hospitals NHS Trust provides services for the ill and injured.

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