Where Weybridge ends

Centuries ago Weybridge was a hamlet, part of the Byfleet manor in the parish of Chertsey. In the fourteenth century it became a parish in its own right. In 1898 Weybridge had grown into a town of sufficient size to govern many of its own affairs. In 1933 the national government forced the unwilling towns of Weybridge and Walton together with the village of Hersham and to that was added the other half of Brooklands racetrack which had been part of Byfleet. Since that time Weybridge has absorbed areas hitherto considered part of Byfleet and Hersham.

This map shows the current borders of Weybridge: surrounded by Shepperton to the north, Walton and Hersham to the east, Wisley to the south and Woodham, Byfleet and Addlestone to the west.

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